Thought Leadership

Matt Church is the founder of Thought Leaders Global and is consistently voted as one of Australia’s top conference speakers. He is the 2014/15 Australian Speaker of the Year and has recently been named one of the top ten motivational speakers in the world by E-speakers the peak event industry body globally.

He is an instigator, motivator, disrupter, teacher, researcher, innovator and leader. What sets him apart from the field of speakers is his ability to bring a fresh perspective to the challenges facing any industry or group and provide insights for change. He is without a doubt one of the top strategic thinkers in the world.

A prolific author, his publishing history is a demonstration of his polymathic nature, and his ability to draw from this incredibly diverse sphere of knowledge means he can often shed new light on a topic which an industry has “done to death”. From this space, he inspires people to think, expertly delivering key messages and weaving them together with narratives from a diverse range of sources. Many say his presentations are watershed moments in industry and business culture.

As the founder of Thought Leaders, Matt’s is passionate about the development and promotion of expertise.  It’s an obsession that connects him closely to some of the brightest and most brilliant minds in Australia, and across the world. His close connection with industry leaders spans a broad range of markets and activities, and as a chosen mentor to many of those leaders, he is in the unique position to have a deep insight into an enormous variety of topics, issues, markets, industries, and challenges.

When he is not speaking to leaders at conferences he is working with the impressive faculty of the Thought Leaders Business School helping experts take what they know and share it with the world. Thousands of Thought Leaders have graduated from the program and gone onto make an impact with their expertise.

Matt is the perfect keynote speaker. He blends inspiration, education and entertainment to create world class conference presentations. He will bring insight, challenge and hope to almost any conference agenda. His ability to take a brief, and craft a compelling message that serves a meeting agenda is second to none. Smart, funny and thought provoking, just what your next event needs.