Advice for Advisors

Often its hard to know what to do next when you are the one who normally helps people know what to do next. An intelligent sounding board can make all the difference. Matt conducts private mentoring sessions a day or two a month. 

Its all about leveraging - what you have and what and who Matt knows.


It’s hard to read the label when you are the genie in the bottle.

We often get stuck in uncertainty and paralysed at any stage in the above Pathways to Clarity. Most often the people I meet know what they want to achieve but they simply don't know how to go about achieving it. 

It’s mostly about the power of smart decisions, a real certainty about what to do next and a clear executable list of next steps. 

“Time with Matt one on one is invaluable. It achieves in half a day what many struggle with for more than a year. Resolving questions like: What should I do next? How can I stand out? What can I do to make it all work better?”

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What M@ gives advice on:

There are several areas Matt can help you with the three most common are:

1. Your commercial offering

Consultants get a huge amount of clarity and direction from one on one conversations with Matt. They get their business model right, take their intellectual property to another level and develop concrete next steps for their consulting practice.  

2. Your career as a professional speaker

One of Australia’s top 10 conference speakers consistently for over a decade Matt knows what he is talking about when it comes to being a successful professional speaker. He has for the last 10 years assisted 80% of the top 100 speakers in the Asia Pacific to launch their careers as professional speakers. He understands the marketing and development of a world class public speaker. 

3. Your Leadership brand

Career transitions are tough. Matt has helped some of the most senior executives move from one position to the next both inside and outside of their current business. His strong counseling background and his commercial savvy make him the perfect ‘outsider’. He is one person you can talk to about all that's on your mind as a leader. You as a ‘brand’ need to be managed strategically.


You May Wish to Download our Private Mentoring Fact Sheet.

This walks you through how private coaching, mentoring and advice session with M@ work and answers some frequently asked questions.

Let us know directly if you want to invest in some one on one time and we will start the ball rolling on us spending the best part of a day together working exclusively on your stuff.  We don’t advertise my one on one days and they change from month to month.

One of my team can work out a date that suits both our schedules. Look forward to chatting very soon. 

Contact Matt's business manager, Linda at, or you can email Matt direct at if you need to ask any questions.