“We are in an age of unprecedented change, it’s a ‘revolutionary’ time to be alive! The question we need to be asking ourselves is - ‘Am I leading that change?’ I believe we all have a choice to step up into personal, professional and social leadership. We have a choice to become agents for change, amplifiers, thought leaders to upgrade our thinking and lead our very own revolutions.”

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Diversify, Diversify, Diversify

A million dollar expert is an infopreneur who has successfully commercialised their Thought leadership and is running a practice that is turning over a million dollars or more a year with one or two support staff. Most people think this is impossible… “Make a seven figure income selling my expertise, are you serious?”

The Million Dollar Expert Program is a systematic methodology to grow a practice to a million dollars based on diversifying modes of delivery and taking the appropriate steps at each revenue level, as further explained in the Sell Your Thoughts e-book.

Infopreneurs become recognised as Thought Leaders when they clearly define a unique perspective or offering to the market based around the subject they are an expert in. When they have built on the thinking in their domain, added to the knowledge in their area and challenged and extended the status quo.

Most infopreneurs make the mistake of picking one mode to deliver their expertise through, and sticking to that. Speaker’s make money through speaking. Trainers make money from training. Coaches coach. And so on. Infopreneurs need to stabilize their cash flow and grow revenue more quickly by diversifying how they deliver the information they provide. It is much easier to get $100,000 per year from six modes than to get $600,000 per year from one.

The Million Dollar Expert Income Ladder shows the natural stages of progression that need to be taken to grow a six figure practice. The Million Dollar Expert Program guides you through the stages of this model in order to build up the momentum experience confidence and expertise to know how to continue your progress on through Blue, Red and up to Black belt.

Diversify your delivery and you will be surprised at how much quicker it will be to become the million dollar expert.


Why thought leaders work themselves into their business - not out of it!

The ‘E-Myth' by Michael Gerber is a great book. In essence, it explains how a business owner needs to be obsessed with removing their fingerprint from the business.

Otherwise, Mike's Plumbing will always be dependent on Mike, and Julie's Bookkeeping Services will always be dependent on Julie.

I love the ideas in this book, yet also know of a place where they don't exactly apply.

That is, in the area of thought leadership. I doubt very few bookkeepers, plumbers or widget makers are passionate about pipes, accounts or widgets. But as a Thought Leader, you ARE into your expertise.

Indeed to be a great thought leader, you should be obsessed about your expertise.

It may be growing a small business; it may be about selling via relationships; or possibly it's about creating wisdom in the workplace. Whatever your expertise is, you should actually look for ways to put more of you into the business - not less.

Here are four ways you can put more of you into the business.

1. Register a domain name that is your personal name
2. Create a newsletter that is from you personally
3. Speak at your own events. Don't outsource this to someone else
4. Make sure your name is managed like a brand

Here are three ways you can get out of the way.

1. Hire a PA
2. Make your job the job of make up and have other people do the set up and clean up activities
3. Invest in mentoring from others so you can accelerate your learning curves

You should still create systems and processes (the key idea in the ‘E-Myth') but these should be not so you can sell out of the business, but rather so you can buy more into the parts of the business that fill you up.

Keep thinking.



Subject Matter Experts

Subject matter experts are those people in your business with knowledge about how to do things better. They have something to offer an industry or a sector. They make a difference on your projects as what they know has a direct impact on how others do things in your business. They are your Thought Leaders.

They are innovators and original thinkers!

Often they don't realise that they are and even if they do, they don't always have the skills to communicate those ideas in a way that others get them.

In a recent study by Rainmaker, the online platform for sales and marketing professionals, they placed speaking at conferences and tradeshows and producing white papers as some of the best ways of selling any product or service. The thinking is that people trust people and that expertise and authority are true business currencies.

How are you developing your expertise or nurturing the talent in your organisation to stand up and be regarded as Thought Leaders?

Matt Church


15 minutes of fame

Andy Warhol said in 1968, "In the future, everyone will be world famous for 15 minutes!" By the late 80's it had become a reality for many. Simon Cowell, a.k.a. Spice Girls and American Idol, suggests that with reality TV "everyone can be obscure for 15 minutes". And now with face book, blogging and other social media, everyone can be famous to at least 15 people (not including my mum).

Warhols 15 minutes refers to the fleeting condition of celebrity that is a result of some fickle media grabbing onto some often self-created buzz.

I don't like the idea of celebrity!

I don't think those who have it like it very much either. A certain Miss Hilton aside most, would rather you watched their movies and enjoyed their acting, not their very human relationship issues. I don't like the idea of celebrity and certainly not the light entertainment magazine selling kind. I think it is a consequence of exposure without substance. I'd almost prefer notoriety where I am known for disagreeing with some famous stance. Or "IDEAreity' where I am known for something I said or thought.

When people follow what you wear you are a fashion celebrity. When people discover in you a way to express an idea they themselves have had but could not explain, that's thought leadership. When people get to entertain an idea that they had not yet considered that's thought leadership. With Thought Leadership, you get something way more valuable than celebrity.

Your thinking is more important than your styling, but stylish thinking will win on both fronts. Let's start a magazine called ‘The Idea' and replace ‘No Idea' on the news stands. Let's make it sexy, full of well-crafted ideas, ideas that contribute to a conversation or contradict a conversation.

Thinking needs an extreme make over. It needs a U2 soundtrack and an OBAMAesque charisma. It needs to inspire not just inform, it needs to engage the right hemisphere and not simply be logic to the left.

Thinking is no longer the realm of the clever PHD waving residents of Ivory Tower. We need to popularise ideas. We need to shape them into sound bytes and deliver them Haiku style on a long tail to all who will listen. Ideas shape thinking, thinking will save the planet, change your world and deliver fulfillment on a scale we can't even imagine.

Here are 15 minimums of claim, a prescription for Thought Leadership…

  1. Claim a piece of mental real estate; own an idea
  2. Start a blog on that idea
  3. Create a screencast about your idea
  4. Publish a book
  5. Mentor someone
  6. Give a speech
  7. Start a movement
  8. Write a white paper about your idea
  9. Contribute to an existing conversation
  10. Contradict an existing conversation
  11. Create a conference around your idea
  12. Start a Twitter on your idea
  13. Create a network around your idea
  14. Publish a newspaper on your idea
  15. Invite others to evangelize your idea
Create extraordinary ideas and share them with the world.

Learn. Think. Share.


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