“We are in an age of unprecedented change, it’s a ‘revolutionary’ time to be alive! The question we need to be asking ourselves is - ‘Am I leading that change?’ I believe we all have a choice to step up into personal, professional and social leadership. We have a choice to become agents for change, amplifiers, thought leaders to upgrade our thinking and lead our very own revolutions.”

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Cool hunting, life hacking and totally ‘sick’ jargon.

Firstly, I would like to acknowledge an extremely significant celebration today - the International Women's Day Centenary 2011.

According to the official website, this day began with 'Suffragettes' campaigning for women's right to vote (the word 'Suffragette' is derived from the word 'suffrage' meaning the right to vote).

Although there are many areas on the globe still to be reached, it is a perfect example of a ripple effect.

With the use of such an impactful word (suffrage), it led me to think about the creation of specific phrases. For example...

Cool hunting is a term coined in the early 1990's, referring to a new breed of marketing professionals called coolhunters. It is their job to make observations and predictions in changes of new or existing cultural trends.

Life hacking is figuring out ways to make life easier or more effective. Probably the most famous life hacker is Tim Ferris of 4-hour work week fame.

I know, for those who know me, I am so last week with this vernacular. I guess what I wanted to point out though was the idea that as Thought Leaders you need to be setting the language. When you define the language - that is Thought Leadership.
What words can you adopt or even adapt that define your ideas and express them in a way that is memorable and able to be repeated?

I am off to do some cool hunting... (does that make me less cool to declare it?)


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