“We are in an age of unprecedented change, it’s a ‘revolutionary’ time to be alive! The question we need to be asking ourselves is - ‘Am I leading that change?’ I believe we all have a choice to step up into personal, professional and social leadership. We have a choice to become agents for change, amplifiers, thought leaders to upgrade our thinking and lead our very own revolutions.”

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Leaders today need to go “old school”. They need to get out from behind their strategy and bring leadership to life. They need to be able to make a difference personally. Their very role as leaders, the purpose of their existence, is to make a difference and the difference they make is one of amplification.

They need to be able to make more out of what is going on. They amplify the messages that matter, they amplify the commitment to getting things done, they amplify the positive mood in a culture and they amplify the results we get.

Amplifiers are those leaders who make a difference at all levels within a business, a community or a family.

The challenge is that being an Amplifier is a choice you make, more so than a promotion you get or a set of capabilities you develop.

We desperately need leaders who can lead. We need Amplifiers - those leaders who can reduce fear and replace it with confidence, reduce confusion and replace it with clarity, mobilising us all in pursuit of a better future. It's not a “nice to do”, it's a necessity, and one that becomes increasingly so as we move further into a technological age where we find ourselves time poor and information rich. We need leaders who can take this data deluge and provide meaning, engagement and relevance around all the stuff that matters.

Amplifiers are a new level in the leadership ladder, distinguishable from other levels by their ability to develop motivators and inspirers and not just be one themselves. In tech terms they are the new operating system. They take all the best bits of the previous five positive stages on the leadership ladder and add a final quality multiplication. They are not only motivating - they create motivators; they are not only inspiring - they inspire inspirers. They go from being the smartest and most inspiring in the room, and actually breed those qualities in others. As a result their effect is exponential. If one motivator can reach 150 people and an amplifier creates 150 motivators -  they then reach 22,500 people indirectly. They become 150n. They have exponential and immeasurable impacts on communities and businesses.

Learn how to use motivational leadership to get things done in and around you. Get really good at being an Amplifier, it's not just talk and you do make a difference! We need Amplifiers!



The evolution of sales

Extract from Matt's soon to be released new book; Sell Your Thoughts - How to become a million dollar expert... co-authored with Scott Stein and Peter Cook.

Sales 101 was basically about selling techniques. It becomes a numbers game. See enough people and get good enough at the techniques and people will buy what you have to sell. The principle behind 101 is some will, some won’t, so what, get on with it!

Selling 201 was basically about relationship selling. Get to know me enough and build enough shared experience with me and it's likely I will do business with you. The principle behind 201 is that people do business with people they like.

Selling 301 was basically about diagnostic selling. Ask enough questions and understand enough about peoples buying criteria and you can create a proposition that gets you the business. The principle behind diagnostic selling is understand me, show me you get it and we will do business.

For Thought Leaders selling their thoughts, each type of sales approach works and will help you do more business. HOWEVER...

In each of these first three sales approaches you are in effect convincing the client to do business with you. We reckon that when you are the thing being sold this gets weird. It kind of gets personal. It’s also not the way a brain surgeon sells. What you need to do is switch from convincing others and rather stand in your conviction around what you know and why others should care.

As such, we think you need to move onto the next evolution of sales…

Sales 401 is all about authority selling. You know something and others might just have a need that you have already nailed a solution for. It’s about you disclosing your expertise first and asserting a level of knowledge on how to fix key issues people may be experiencing rather than assessing their level of need and creating a proposal (diagnostic selling). The principle behind authority selling is “I know what's going on and can help you with that.”

In the book Thought Leaders we dedicated a chapter to this idea of building conviction around what you know as opposed to needing to convince others that they should buy what you have. We called it “Clicking” and in essence it's about linking known problems that your target market express often and the intellectual property you know can help them.

Problem bridging is the big idea and I’ll go into that one in more detail next week.

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