“We are in an age of unprecedented change, it’s a ‘revolutionary’ time to be alive! The question we need to be asking ourselves is - ‘Am I leading that change?’ I believe we all have a choice to step up into personal, professional and social leadership. We have a choice to become agents for change, amplifiers, thought leaders to upgrade our thinking and lead our very own revolutions.”

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White Paper: The Power of Positioning

This month's White Paper is The Power of Positioning by Matt Church; A chapter from the first book in the Ideas Series; Original perspectives on life and business by leading thinkers.

We are not what we do – but we do need to be able to answer the question, “What do you do?” in a way that makes us better known and creates more business. As a card-carrying introvert, I find the prospect of commercial networking about as attractive as having root canal treatment. Still, I recognise that without customers, clients and attendees at my events, my business would dry up quicker than a well in the outback.

Download your complimentary copy today, after answering some brief questions.




The 3 big positioning mistakes

The 3 big positioning mistakes

  1. Trying to be too special
  2. Trying to be too much
  3. Trying to be tricky

Let me explain... 

Too many people try to be unique when they position themselves to others. The key is not to be special but rather to be relevant.

We always try to explain all we are, just tell them a bit they will remember.

The worst mistake is to try and adjust what you say based on who you are talking to, that’s just tricky.

Pick a position, own it and share it briefly! 

Remember you don’t matter, they don’t care and they are not listening. 





The art of 'Hustling'

How good are you at talking yourself up?

Many of the most successful people I work with take the opportunity to inform me and anyone else they meet of the cool things they have been doing lately or that they have coming up, they hustle all the time. I watch this with a wry smile...

They don't ever miss the opportunity to share how awesome their X or Y is and in most cases they ensure you know that as a result of X and Y your world could benefit from a little bit of them and theirs.

When you get face time with a boss, a mentor or someone who is influential, do you need to give them a success update?

Well the answer is not a simple yes or no.

I do believe you need to take time to create news worthy conversations (Especially when Brand YOU is what you are selling) BUT....you have to get the balance right. When the only conversation I have with you is about you it gets tiresome very quickly.

Here are some thoughts...

  • Develop the habit of stating “I have been blessed to ...” or some other non secular version that achieves the same affect.
  • Reduce the use of “I” and start to develop a royal “We”.
  • Take the “We" a step further and give as much glory as you can to other people while presenting your success. If only you were involved in the actual success, thank your mother.
  • Mix your technology when hustling. Twitter, Facebook and Text updates might serve the hustle better than face to face and maybe the opposite is true.
  • Always make sure the person you are telling the success to feels some relationship to the tid bit you are sharing. ‘John, the most amazing thing happened yesterday and I feel like you made it happen for me...(share success)...so thank you for all your (whatever)’.
Sure, you need to hustle and you need humility, get the mix right!



Profitable Positioning

One of the pieces of commercial communication we all have to get good at is the art of positioning ourselves profitably. This is often harder when you are selling intangibles like services and truly challenging when you are positioning yourself.

The key is to manage the process through the three filters of YOU, IT and THEM.

The following diagram explains it:

Start by disclosing a little about you, then become objective and outline the process you use and finally explain how this makes a difference in their world.

Answer the whole question next time you are asked ‘what do you do?’



It's not easy being seen

Have you ever wondered about being a celebrity?

I often ask myself, 'Why would you?'

It would be the loss of simple things I reckon, going to the shops without make up (hmm, not exactly a problem for me) or dropping the kids off at school without a mobbing.

The only thing worse than being a celebrity would be the "reality TV" kind that leaves you with all the exposure but no wealth to secure your lifestyle, or what's left of it.

This got me thinking about those who chase press, the tabloid kind. Not only might you catch the press's attention but also, you might actually become a spectacle. AND if that press attention did not have major money attached, well there goes the lifestyle.

Brain surgeons are not in weekly trash magazines and if they were you would not trust them. Thought Leaders do not chase light entertainment, celebrity press. It's always got to be about the message.

Here are some ways to do that:

* Create a survey and share the findings

* Be interviewed and quoted for substantial articles on point

* Get a syndicated column in a major newspaper or journal

* Or, better still, use the power of technology to become your own TV or radio show.

Just a thought.



Your lifes purpose in 103 minutes

103 minutes is the typical length of a Hollywood movie. I have recently been working on a new process that helps people find their purpose, their angle and their edge in business and in life. It's not the complete process but is useful however you apply it.

In short, let's imagine your life was a movie…

What's the title?

What's it about?

What type of movie is it? (Instead of comedy or thriller, Thought Leaders can write lifestyle, leadership, customer service etc)

Who's it for? (target audience)

What's the twist? (special sauce)

Make up a new movie. You don't have to draw from existing faves.

When we did this in a workshop, together with three or four other great positioning tools, there were many epiphanies around new ideas from old experiences.

Pitch as if there was a Hollywood studio executive (hard nosed and sceptical) listening and see how you go selling them on your life as a movie.

All the world's a movie and we are simply Brangelinas!



The Nobility of Sales

Why do so many people dislike the sales process? The number of switched on people I meet who actively don't sell is staggering!

It's an issue of identity I think...

The obvious elements that contribute to the anti-selling phenomena...

  • Bad past experience
  • Cultural bias
  • The elitism of the academic world
It's all about language, meaning and service.

To serve is to solve problems.

You don't have to technically sell anymore.

You do have to invite people to buy.

So, focus on doing great work, building a reputation and be sure to let people know how they can get more of you, your business or your cause.

Get out actively and have conversations with people who you can help and who may need what you have. But always let them know what they can buy, how they can buy it and why they should buy it from you.



Book Covers, Billboards and Movie Trailers

Billboard thinking versus manuscript selling...

How would you describe your idea if it had to be put on a billboard or book cover?

What would you say?

And maybe more importantly, what would you not say?

How would you let me know just enough to be interested but not so much that I am confused?

This kind of thinking forces you to assess ‘What's in it for them?'

Every great idea needs to be positioned first, explained second. Position it in my world by explaining 'How it makes a difference to me. How does it make something better, faster or cheaper (or maybe all three)?'

If you are having trouble selling your ideas it's because you might be saying too much. You might be serving not selling. Don't give me a manuscript when you explain your big idea, give me the front and back cover. If that doesn't get me then more information is not going to make a difference. It's the same with movie's… the trailer makes me go, the movie is what I buy.

First I get into it - then I get it!

Matt Church

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