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Massive Productivity in Practices

You have to become a serious doer if you want to be successful in a practice. Leveraging your time becomes one of the major pieces of the success puzzle. A practice is different to a business. The principal or CEO of the practice must be awesome at doing things and helping others around them to also get things done. In a practice, the CEO gets into it intensely on the bits only they can do, then gets out of the way. In a business it's about the CEO getting out of the business.

Note: We teach information experts how to create million dollar expert practices selling their thoughts. Contrary to the internet marketing and wealth creation deluge on the NET, we show people how to create a labour of love practice. To find out more about the distinction between a practice and a business you can check out the back issues on my BLOG.

My thoughts on being massively productive:

  1. Figure out your productivity platform (past issue on BLOG about this)
  2. Set a context for the day. Today is a writing day, today is a mentoring day. And try to do just that. (Cheers David Allen)
  3. Focus on 50 minutes of doing and 10 minutes of float time. (Cheers Taki Moore)
  4. Do the toughest thing first. (Thanks Brian Tracy)
  5. Empty your mind onto a list. (Thanks Lexie Church)

Three must read books on this topic:

First things first by Dr Stephen Covey

Getting things done by David Allen

The 4-hour work week by Tim Ferris


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