“We are in an age of unprecedented change, it’s a ‘revolutionary’ time to be alive! The question we need to be asking ourselves is - ‘Am I leading that change?’ I believe we all have a choice to step up into personal, professional and social leadership. We have a choice to become agents for change, amplifiers, thought leaders to upgrade our thinking and lead our very own revolutions.”

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Complimentary Download | White Paper: Saving the day the virtual way

This month's Complimentary Download is Chris Ducker's e-book; Saving the day the virtual way.

This month's e-book focuses on what it means to work with an outsourced, predominantly offshore Virtual Assistant. It has been downloaded over 10,000 times. Quick and easy to read, it details the benefits involved in working with a VA, how to find them, hire them, train them, as well as other extremely important aspects of working with VA’s to maximise your personal productivity and business growth!

  • Find out why you need to work with a VA
  • Tips on managing virtual assistants
  • Learn how to build a mini virtual team

Download your complimentary copy here.




Get help

Every super hero had help and it's about time you did as well. You just can't keep trying to do everything yourself. There are not enough hours in the day for you to realise all of your dreams, if all you do is hold on tight to every activity in your day.

It's a pretty simple four step formula:

1. What are you good at? Do more of that!
2. What are you not good at? Get some help with that!
3. What do you love doing? Do more of that!
4. What does someone else love doing more than you? Find them and let them do it!

It begins with you analysing what you are doing each day and making sure that you are doing the high value activities as much as possible and obsessing about replacing the rest.

It's no surprise that my focus this quarter is on you getting more done, in less time, with greater happiness. Everything I will share across this next 90 days is around these three goals... it's selfish because I am continually challenging myself to do so and invite you to come along and share the journey.

Bottom line - GET SOME HELP!

P.S. Chris Ducker, the master of leveraging virtual assistants to achieve more, is in town on Tuesday 10th September for one day only. Register to attend the Chris Ducker Master Class and join 25 Thought Leaders who will have a business that is 100% lighter and 50% easier by Christmas.


Not for Everyone

I've been on a mission to make sure I do work I like, with people I like, the way I like... it's actually harder than you think!

  • Defining the work I like, easy.
  • Defining the people I like, easy.
  • Defining the way I like, easy.

Resisting the 'wrongness' of those decisions as expressed by others... not so easy!

Is it possible that the reason many don't get more done is that they don't love what they do, who they do it with or how they do it?

Every time you get clear on what you want, there is a universal test of sorts to make sure you are clear. Know what you want, have the courage of your convictions and design your world around a clear intent and set of decisions.


When all else fails, choose again.


P.S. For Thought Leaders, MDE is the perfect program for achieving this clarity.


Hard Work

For many, the idea of success is always just that, an idea. Follow the footsteps of anyone who has made it in any industry and you will discover someone with a work ethic.

What follows are some thoughts on HARD WORK for Thought Leaders.


1. When you align your work to your passion, you don't ever feel like it's work.
2. When you choose who you want to serve, it hardly ever feels like an effort.
3. When you teach others you personally grow, teaching therefore is not a 'to-do', it's a joy.

AND five WORK Smarters:

1. Get three things done before 8am each day. Quick wins are key to success momentum.
2. When your working day starts, focus on the one big thing that if you only did that, you can call your day a success.
3. Increase your capacity to work. Get fit, eat right, get organised, read, go to courses, learn stuff.
4. Obsess about workflow hacks and personal productivity strategies.

5. Launch new projects all the time.


New Webinar Recording on Productivity


Complimentary Download | White Paper: Work Smarter Not Harder

This month's White Paper is Work Smarter Not Harder by Matt Church; A chapter from the 3rd book in the Ideas Series.

This article is written with the hope that it will set a few people free, who, like me, have several books on the go at once, work better in noisy places than sterile offices and lurch from one project to the next following the feel-good energy.

At the same time, I want to reassure everyone that regardless of who you are – even if you like to-do lists and have a spotless desk – you can work smarter if you simply understand your personal productivity platform.

Download your complimentary copy today. We only ask that you please complete a few brief questions prior to downloading.




The Mega Productive Practice

You have to become a serious doer if you want to be successful in a practice. Leveraging your time becomes one of the major pieces of the success puzzle.

A practice is different to a business. The principal or CEO of the practice must be awesome at doing things and helping others around them to also get things done. In a practice, you add the greatest value you can, then get out of the way. In a business, it's about the CEO getting out of the business altogether.

We teach information experts how to create million dollar expert practices selling their thoughts. Contrary to the internet marketing and wealth creation deluge on the NET, we show people how to create a labour of love practice. To find out more about the distinction between a practice and a business you can check out the back issues on my BLOG.

My thoughts on being mega productive:

  1. Figure out your productivity platform (past issue on BLOG about this)
  2. Set a context for the day. Today is a writing day, today is a mentoring day. And try to do just that. (Cheers David Allen)
  3. Focus on 50 minutes of doing and 10 minutes of float time. (Cheers Taki Moore)
  4. Do the toughest thing first. (Thanks Brian Tracy)
  5. Empty your mind onto a list. (Thanks Lexie Church)



Watch Matt's 15 ideas on how to work smarter

In this 10-minute video, Matt has a slightly different take on how you can Work Smarter. Packed with 15 ideas to get you on track to working smarter, just click on the image below to get started.


8 good reads on productivity

In the below 6-minute video, I share with you my 8 favourite books on productivity. I briefly discuss the main idea behind each book.


Books on being more productive

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