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Transition Lag

A friend of mine recently commented that it took me quite a bit of time to transition from one state to another. He was suggesting that when I was in public event mode and personal friend mode there was a lag or time period wherein I did not switch well from one role to another.

It got me thinking about the idea of roles and transitions...

  • Maybe there is no lag as I am simply being me in each phase and it's simply others perception of me that is out of phase.
  • Maybe there is a lag and that's OK. Maybe others need to be mindful that people do need to shift gears.
  • Maybe there is a lag and I can do something to shorten the gap?

What do you think?

As you approach the holiday period, think about the roles you play and whether you need to be mindful of the transition. Stephen Covey wrote about the 78 major roles in your life in his book, First Things First. He suggested that clarity around who you are being in each dimension of your life allowed you to choose how to spend your time, energy and attention.

a) List out your key roles.
b) Identify if you have major phases to your day and if there is any transition lag between those that intersect.


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