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Founder Thought Leaders Global

Matt Church is the founder of Thought Leaders Global, and is without a doubt Australia’s and possibly the worlds foremost authority on the topic of Thought Leadership. He has written 11 books on leadership and is in high demand as Australia's top conference speaker. Matt also founded the Thought Leaders Business School with his business partner Peter Cook, a 12 month program for experts helping them capture, package and deliver what they know. 

'So... thanks for checking the Matt Church site out. We love Matt and reckon you will two, of course we are paid to say that, but even if we weren’t it's what we believe. '
Team M@

You are either wanting to book Matt as a your next conference speaker or you want to do what he does: So we have divided this site into two channels based on these two desires.


The two Channels


Smart, funny inspiring conference presentations.


Brilliant Educational Programs for experts.


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