Hi there!!

It was great to be a part of your event.

I trust you all gained some new insights.

The feedback I’ve heard is that some of the messaging around leadership resonated with you – That’s great!

So, you are now back working in your day job.  

I’d like you to ask yourself what’s changed…………….

  • How exciting have you been to be around?
  • Have you been worth following?
  • How have you tried to reduce confusion, fear and apathy?
  • How have you tried to build trust?
  • How optimistic have you been?
  • Is there sparkle in your team’s eyes?
  • Have you changed the way you are running your meetings?

Hopefully, some examples come to mind. If not, what can you do differently today...tomorrow....or next week?

I have put together a few resources which you can download, watch and share.

I trust you will find them of value in your  role.... ENJOY!!  


Great leaders motivate

Exceptional leaders inspire

Transformational leaders amplify

Amplifiers are the rare and extraordinary leaders who amplify the best in themselves and others. They amplify the messages that matter, amplify the positive mood in a culture and amplify the results achieved. They are the masters of maximising human potential and developing other great leaders. 


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The leadership ladder

The impact of Leadership and its influence is felt in increasing doses. Each stage on the leadership ladder is iterative and inclusive. We take the best of the previous stage with us to the next and we can't get to the higher levels without these firmly in place.
Great leaders motivate, exceptional leaders inspire, transformational leaders amplify. They amplify the best of what's in themselves and around them.

How good at amplification are you?

I love the idea that Leaders make a difference to the culture in an organisation. The following TED talk by Ben Zander is not only entertaining but I think it speaks to the influence agenda.

This next video is by Simon Synek it talks about the power of purpose and understanding how to start with why in all your projects and endeavours.


Amplification requires a focus on three complementary domains: culture, work and leaders. The role of the amplifier is to help establish work worth doing, cultures worth belonging to and leaders worth following. These three area of focus are complementary and synergistic.

The three pivotal actions are establishing meaning and motivation so that you can drive results. These are the daily to-dos for amplifiers. These actions are Business 101; the challenge is not knowing what to do (these three actions), but actually making it happen. Under each word on this model lies a whole gamut of theories and practices that will drive success for the leader and for the business.

The below figure presents the thought-leading enterprise diagrammatically. The three platforms of work (worth doing), culture (worth belonging) and leaders (worth following) are fundamental to understanding how amplification operates.

This final video goes to understanding how to build community and tribe, its really for those who feel like they need to increase engagement in their teams. This is quite challenging for those of you who feel like their team is somewhat institutionalised.