Whenever you are sharing an idea, whether it's a boardroom presentation or a ballroom presentation you need to keep the 3 golden rules of presenting front of mind.

When you are what is 'for sale', you can often confuse the client by rambling on and stuffing up the sale or pitch.

There's a popular saying that if you win the hearts and minds of people their feet will follow. Typically, though, it is easier said than done. 

Thought leaders are required to know first what is being said by other leading thought leaders. 

When speaking in public, there are 15 questions in the minds of your audience members that need to be answered before you deliver the content of your message.

Measure what matters and be sure you know what matters. 

Thought Leaders develop a bank of thoughts or ideas that can be accessed in a moment and can be instantly customised to suit any audience or situation.

Too often when speaking in public, presenters try to give you all of their information.