Having commenced his career studying the science of high performance, Matt Church presents a practical and entertaining keynote on how to create a healthy balanced life. This presentation is based on his successful book Highlife 24/7 and explores the chemistry of success.

Every feeling in the human body is the result of a chemical – the internal physical drivers of peak performance. Learn about balancing these chemicals and you can better manage your moods and master the key to lifting your performance and productivity.

Where human excellence is concerned, Matt has years of experience. From demanding the most of himself to consulting with some of the biggest multi-national organisations, Matt has developed his own intellectual property around what makes high performance people tick.



Chemistry Of Success is the perfect presentation for a general audience or if you have a tricky timeslot that you’d like to fill with a light-hearted, entertaining presentation that holds lots of value for all that attend.


People who attend this keynote will:

  • Learn to assess their personal body chemistry and how to regularly monitor it
  • Discover how to gain greater energy levels, be clearer of mind and think quicker
  • Discover what to eat and when to eat it for maximum benefit
  • Learn what kind of exercise is most beneficial with the least effort
  • Receive tips on how to sleep more soundly and make every minute of sleep refreshing
  • Learn to live with less locked up stress