The Pink Sheet is a framework for capturing your ideas and insights in a way that is full spectrum and mode agnostic. This process gives you incredible power when it comes to sharing your knowledge. It gives you the ability to explore ideas in great breadth and depth, it gives you the capability to articulate and share those ideas powerfully, and it allows you to "think once, deliver often", saving you loads of time in preparation for presentations, reports and the like.

The video above gives you a deep look at this deceptively simple – and hugely powerful – thinking framework.

Once you've grasped the basics of the pink sheet, it's worth spending a little more time understanding exactly how all the "parts" fit together. This next clip features Matt explaining how you – the thought leader – get to connect the 'stuff' (the content) to the 'big picture' (the context) however you like. You're the one that provides the meaning to the content and provides the context so the audience can make sense of it.

Finally, let's focus on the model. The model is the 'glue' that holds a whole series of pink sheets together. Getting the model right makes the rest of your job a whole lot easier. Spend some time with Matt as he takes you through the three layers of a powerful model.