The process of thought leadership is pretty straightforward when you break it down; capture your ideas, package them up in a way that is commercially smart, and then deliver them to the market.

The mistake most amateurs make is they try to do their thinking by designing their delivery. But now, we all know better. We know it's best to capture our thinking in its purest form (as "full-spectrum" ideas), and then think about how to apply and share those ideas.

At this point, your thinking has been captured (at least in draft format) on pink sheets - the framework we use to record and explore your key ideas.

Then, we talked about using the green sheet to help you articulate how and why those ideas affect others. This is a key step that many assume they're taking into account but which, in truth, most people fail to achieve. Understanding the problems and aspirations of the people you're trying to help is key to convincing them to listen to you.

Finally – once your ideas have been packaged in a way that matters to your audience – now it's time to design the delivery. On many occasions (this program being no exception) the delivery will be a speaking opportunity; a presentation. For many people, that immediately creates some anxiety, public speaking is a high-pressure environment. Fortunately, in this program you have the support of people like Matt Church (Australia's most successful conference speaker) to guide you. Check out Matt's tips in this video for sharing your thoughts in the most powerful way possible; from the stage.