Positioning matrix

Thought leadership is not just about your ideas (though they're certainly important!).

It's also about you.

Lots of people around the world were talking about connecting with purpose, but Simon Sinek is the thought leader who cornered that idea and made it his own. He positioned himself as the go-to person for finding shared purpose with his book and Ted talk Start With Why.

Lots of people around the world were talking about vulnerability as a key characteristic of successful people, and yet the public will immediately associate that topic with Brene Brown. Why? She's positioned as the expert in that field. Someone mentions "growth mindset", and we all think of Carol Dweck. Having a great idea is one thing, but being the champion of that idea (whether as a globally famous thought leader, or a locally famous influencer in your business or market) is much more effective.

Thought leadership is, in this sense, a strategic game. So how does one think about positioning strategically? Glad you asked!

Matt developed this wonderfully simple tool to help you talk about yourself, and position yourself elegantly and confidently as the expert in your field. You can use what you create with this tool in presentations, conversations, your LinkedIn profile, etc. Any time you need to talk about yourself and your expertise, this should be your go-to strategy.