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As with many aspects of life, in thought leadership there's a paradox.

In dating, the paradox is that wanting to find a partner drives potential partners away. It's only once you're comfortable alone, that someone else will want to join you.

In sales, the paradox is that your desire to secure the sale is the very thing that turns the client off. It's only once you surrender your attachment to the outcome that they can feel comfortable buying. Sales is all about the money, and yet... not about the money at all.

In thought leadership, the paradox is that it's all about you... and that it's not about you at all. It is about you in the sense that it's your ideas, delivered in reports that you write, and presentations that you deliver, and conversations that you lead, and yet, if you make it all about you the only outcome will be that you'll turn people off. So it's actually not about you at all; it's all about how your ideas can help them. They - your audience, your market, your clients - they're the ones who benefit from all of this, and they're the ones who get to decide whether or not it's going to happen.

Getting from all about you, to all about them; that's the shift.

As always, Matt can help you navigate your way through this evolution expertly.