Matt Church - Pro Bono and Promotional Presentations

"Pro bono" is short for the Latin phrase pro bono publico, which means "for the public good". It refers to work that is performed without compensation for the good of society.

From time to time you can engage Matt to speak for no fee. For this to happen at least one of three things needs to be in place:

  1. The Purpose is worthy! A not for profit or major social initiative lies behind why the meeting is taking place.
  2. The Opportunity is grand! Its an offer too good to refuse, the travel incentive for Matt and his family or the once in a lifetime circumstances surrounding the event are simply too good to pass up.
  3. The Upside is staggering! If the opportunity to position product sales and the scale of the meeting make it worthwhile we are in.

Often it's a combination of all three that makes it super viable.


Please Note:  

To protect the nature of Matt’s commercial professional speaking business we usually supply a specific set of awesome keynotes for pro-bono and promotional presentations.

They are still super entertaining, they are still wonderfully content rich, they often contain an elegant positioning or product offer. The details and nature of this changes from event to event depending on agreed terms and the spirit of the event.

Four of Matt’s popular Pro Bono and Promotional Presentations are listed below

Speak to drive business

How to attract new business by getting out and speaking for free.

  • Develop a lead generating strategy for your business around speaking for free.
  • Stand out in a crowded marketplace through being seen as a mover and shaker.
  • Develop lean/low cost high impact business development ideas.

Raise your profile through social networks

Non traditional ways to attract more business.

  • A clear and concise why case for social networking
  • A simple strategy you can use to grow the profile of your business.
  • What to communicate where, how often and why!

Profitable positioning

Know who you are, what you do and why others should care.

  • Understand your unique selling proposition.
  • Communicate this clearly through-out your business.
  • Develop a fast, thorough and flexible answer to the question; ‘What do you do?’

The Thought Leadership imperative

Capture, package and deliver what you know for commercial advantage.

  • Learn why traditional B2B marketing is dying.
  • Develop a strategy for attracting, developing and retaining top talent.
  • Learn how to enterprise Thought Leadership and become the market leader in your industry. 

You can contact Matt's team and discuss his speaking at one of your next events. If your event qualifies, we are more than happy to go to work making sure it works brilliantly.

+61 (02) 8966 4700