Motivational Leadership

Inspire Greatness

Great leaders help people achieve amazing things personally and collectively. Its about reducing fear, increasing confidence and mobilizing people in pursuit of a better future.

Inspire greatness in others.


The Inspired Leader

How great leaders motivate everyone to make a difference. 

Organisations that succeed, no matter what, have leaders and teams that are inspired by what they do and what their work stands for. Its doesn’t matter what the business or product is. What matters is what it stands for. It's this lit up quality of great organisations that sets them apart. Culture, employee engagement and delivering profits are all built on the foundation of an inspired organisation.  

The 3 questions we need to ask: Are our leaders worth following? Is our work worth doing? Are our cultures worth belonging to?


The Chemistry of Success

A lifestyle platform for success and fulfillment. 

This is Matt’s flagship personal leadership program based around the 5 major body chemicals that affect how you feel. Designed as a contemporary conference presentation it allows people to engage with the idea of taking care of themselves. Booked mostly as a conference keynote presentation it includes a whole spectrum of top notch resources that help people take charge of how they feel each and every day. Smart audiences love this program based on Matt’s international bestseller Highlife - the chemistry of success. It’s a crowd pleaser and a perfect way for businesses to give something personal back to their staff. 

Drive optimism, responsibility and gratitude through your business.


Thought Leading Enterprises

Become the market leader and stand out! 

In this major enterprise solution, Matt Church teams up with a group of some the countries leading thinkers on organisational success to help you create a Thought Leading Enterprise. This is not a program for the faint at heart. It's tough, raw, and comprehensive. It's perfect if you need to create significant and far reaching transformation in your organisation.  Bringing together the Thought Leaders Global community of cross category, multi disciplinary thinkers you get the best advice and in effect a world class think tank committed to executing the business transformation you are looking for.

A total business transformation program.