Paid 2 Speak Program

The Business of Speaking


Paid 2 Speak Program

The Business of Speaking

Paid 2 Speak is the program to attend if you would like to make a living as a non-celebrity professional speaker. It is a two-day workshop for people who are paid speakers or are interested in getting into the game. It is all about the business of speaking. Learn the commercial side of running a successful speaking business and grow your practice as a paid professional speaker.

This program is ideal for speaking professionals looking to grow or streamline their business. Also great for anyone wanting to establish themselves as a paid professional speaker and save themselves years of learning lessons the hard way. Matt will offer you advice on topic selection and pricing, as well as your opening, key topic ideas and closing of your presentations.  You will gain a strong understanding of how the industry works, review your pitch and positioning as a speaker and develop a go-to-market strategy for getting booked as a paid professional speaker.

  • Streamline your business

  • Save years of learning the hard way

  • Understand the business of speaking

As a professional speaker, I was keen to improve and learn from a speaker of Matt’s calibre. His frameworks, level of thinking and enormous experience is incredible. Yet it is his generosity, depth of awareness and ability to connect with people that is his gift. He truly is a master of his craft and I cannot recommend the opportunity to learn from him highly enough.
— Lisa O'Neill


Dates and venue to be confirmed.
Please contact Sarah on (02) 8966 4700 or to register your interest

After the success of the first three Paid 2 Speak programs we are thrilled to announce the program will run again in May 2019.  Over two days you will participate in a series of super practical sessions around playing the ‘highly paid, non-celebrity, professional speaker’ game.

Matt will offer you advice on topic selection and pricing, as well as your opening, key topic ideas and closing of your presentations. You will gain a strong understanding of how the industry works, review your pitch and positioning as a speaker and develop a go-to-market strategy for getting booked as a paid professional speaker.

  • Pricing and fees

  • Contracts and terms

  • Topic ideas

This content is invaluable for anyone who would like to grow their speaking business and you get to learn from Matt Church, one of Australia's best!

Matt became a conference speaker over 25 years ago and has been a dominant force in the industry ever since. At the top of his game for the last 15 years he has received every award the industry could bestow. In 2014 he was inducted into the professional speaker Hall of Fame having received the service, education and excellence awards from the Professional Speakers Association. The International Federation of Professional Speakers recognised him as one the top 21 most influential people in the industry on the planet. e-Speakers, the largest industry marketplace, puts him as one of the Top10 motivational speakers globally. All of this means Matt is the right person to give you the right advice on building a career or business as a professional speaker.


Matt has fast tracked me to achieve better results in a shorter space of time. I’ve moved from amateur speaker to real estate expert on television and property mentor to those in the property industry.
Matt is an expert in his field and has the experience of years on stage and working with some of Australia’s best known corporates.
— Chris Gray


Being a paid professional speaker is probably the highest paid profession per hour in the world; those who do this know its a hard way to make an easy living. In Paid 2 Speak Matt will unpack the metrics that drive success in this game. There is a pricing sweet spot somewhere between $5,000 per hour and $15,000 per hour as a speaker. This is affected by your entertainment value, your market segment and a few other value-stacking ideas. Learn how to leverage these and command a great speaking fee.

  • Learn how to charge $5,000–$15,000 per hour

  • Learn how many speeches you can do in a year

  • Understand what different markets buy


Matt Church is the single most best person in the world to learn from if you want to make money selling your thoughts. If you’ve got the clever smarts but want the commercial savvy, enrol in one of Matt’s programs today! It’ll be the best decision you’ve ever made.
— Jason Fox


There are 5 different types of professional speakers, and in this workshop Matt will unpack an analysis of the poster child in each and give you a strategic insight into what they do, why they do it and how that could be helpful for you in your career. You are absolutely a personal brand and you can get smart about what identity triggers you create to intentionally make you more attractive to buy as a speaker.

  • See what the best do

  • How they do it

  • How you can learn from them to make your journey easier


Matt has an extraordinary gift of helping people get clear on their value offering to the world. His ability to hear your true message through the clutter is without peer. Obviously he is a master speaker with well over a decade of acolades in that space, but his profile as one of the country’s leading speaking coaches is probably the ‘worst kept secret’ in the speaking fraternity...thankfully. I highly recommend you sign up Matt if you want to take your message to market, and make money doing it!
— Darren Hill


The industry market place is broken up into 3 types of buyers. Each has a different motivation and orientation, so learning how they work and what they need to be able to book you as a speaker is super valuable. Don't rely on only one approach or even a spray-and-pray approach to getting known. There is a process and if you follow it your chances of breaking into the profession are much more likely.

  • Learn about the 3 buyers in the conference industry

  • Discover what they want

  • Get strategic in marketing yourself as a speaker



Once you know how the industry works and have your business head on straight it’s time to figure out how you will both ‘fit in’ and ‘stand out’ in what is a saturated marketplace. Lots of people exist at the bottom of the market and very few at the top. Regardless of the number of people who have the ambition to get paid to speak there are very few who do. Matt has an uncanny knack of helping people get their commercial angle right. His encyclopaedic knowledge of the ideas and angles in the marketplace which work can help you quickly find a way to stand out in a crowded space.

You will learn more than just a speaking angle. You will get guidance on how to roll out your next 5 year's worth of messaging in a way that makes sense and hopefully gives you goosebumps. Most people want to speak because they have something to say. That’s a great start but its not enough. You need to have something to say that people want to hear. Day two is a crucible of fire with live group mentoring on angles, opportunities and possibilities. Watch as people's futures are unpacked live in front of you.