The Art of Speaking



The Art of Speaking

Whether you want to speak to build a brand, inspire a team, secure a promotion or launch a professional speaking career, Speakership provides the knowledge and tools you need.

Speaking is the new leadership imperative, and the fastest way to grow your career, your business and truly make a difference. Speakership is the missing link between strategy and execution, the critical catalyst that inspires people to take a good idea and put it into action.

Matt Church is one of Australia’s most successful public speakers, awarded the 2014 Australian Speaker of the Year and the 2011 Australian Educator of the Year by Professional Speakers Australia. The American National Speakers Association has recognised him as one of the top 25 most influential people in the speaking profession globally. For the last decade he has helped launch the careers of some of the country's greatest public speakers - people like Dan Gregory, Anh Do, Lisa Messenger, Neen James, Jason Fox and many more - and we're excited to announce the one and only opportunity you have to learn from Matt in 2019.

This program is perfect for:

  • Ambitious business leaders

  • Professional speakers

  • Thought leaders

  • Preachers, and

  • Anyone who wants to create and deliver extraordinary presentations.

Matt's Speakership program is famous in the Australian speaking industry as the program to fast-track success as a speaker, and this three-day course in Sydney represents the one opportunity offered to attend this year.

The objective of the program is to shift your attention above the line. To get you thinking about creating conversations instead of presentations. It's built to help you deliver a compelling message in the most impactful and dynamic way possible. 

What you can expect to learn:

The program has been refined over the years and now Matt offers it in three complementary parts. He runs them over three days in total. Matt's focus on what works and what gets you there in the fastest possible way sets his programs apart from anything else offered on the market.


Tues 25th – Thurs 27th June 2019

UNSW Sydney
1 O'Connell Street, Sydney

$4,000 (+GST)
TLBS participants please contact Sarah on (02) 8966 4700 to discuss a special offer


Please contact Sarah on (02) 8966 4700 if you have any questions


The most extraordinary workshop I’ve ever done. Ironically, teaching how to run a workshop. If you’re in the business of training, group facilitation or creating group change & alignment, stop thinking, do it.
— Dan Gregory


Day 1: Delivery

Day one of the program is a study of best practice public speaking. Throughout the day you explore what it takes to deliver extraordinary, dynamic presentations that inspire audiences to take action. There are so many elements to being an effective presenter and 100‘s of techniques you need to learn and by the end of this day you will know the top 5 most effective skills. Obsessed with quick wins Matt has taken over 25 years of his experience speaking professionally and compressed the BEST ideas into these 5 critical skills. Great speakers pay attention to what’s going on in them and around them. Developing a third eye awareness of what it takes to rock the room as a public speaker is the goal of this first day.


I began Speakership training with Matt Church in October 2011, which then whet my appetite to learn more. I knew that this expert was the one to learn from, and chose him as my mentor. What amazing leverage he has given to my practice in such a short time. Thank You Matt.
— Christina Guidotti


What you will get out of Part 1: Delivery Mastery

  • You will learn the correct and effective use of stage mechanics. Where to stand, how to move to increase the effectiveness of your message. You will learn how to animate diagrams with your body. Understand the visual layers and status of posture to enhance what you say. (animation)

  • You will learn the essence of great storytelling and also how to answer the three major ‘why?’ questions in each audiences mind; why you, why this topic and why now? You will develop a simple formula for great stories. (engagement)

  • You will learn how to increase audience participation in a way that enhances learning, respects their dignity and makes for a better experience all round. You will discover ways to ramp the participation up and down appropriately, maintaining control by giving it up. (interaction)

  • You will learn how to create fabulous content and work with great messages. Crafting the 3 most important dimensions to each idea you teach. You will explore the power of context and how to tap into the 10 universal themes. (ideation)

  • You will learn the power of great models and metaphors. Learn how to bring your ideas alive in the minds of your audience through the power of great pictures. You will also learn how to map conversations and manage the detail of Q and A with ease, grace and in a way that makes what can be boring - compelling. (visualisation)

  • You will learn the different ways people learn depending on their level of exposure and prior knowledge to your topic. Discover your personal communication bias and chart out your 3 most important personal development areas. (comprehension)

  • You will learn how to shift your energy and the energy in the room creating appropriate states for all desired outcomes. Learn how to lift the emotion in a room and how to meet any situation and shift it for the better. Structure your sessions energetically and learn the 5 classic energy structures of a speech. (inspiration)

  • You will develop strategies for managing the expectations in a room and dealing with the hidden agendas of various audiences. You will learn how to head off problems that may arise in presentations before they begin and develop strategies for turning them around. (anticipation)

  • You will explore the ways to create practical, results driven presentations. Using the techniques of ranting, agenda checking and block management. (influence)


Matt is the expert’s expert. There is no-one on the planet who can teach you how to package your IP like he can. This program is SO practical and has made my workshops 200% better. I get rave reviews and this program is my secret weapon!
— Taki Moore


Day 2: Design

The saying ‘think before you speak’ could never be truer than it is today. With audiences time poor and information rich, it’s the job of the speaker to create messages that make sense, get to the point and engage people. A live meeting needs to deliver something special, speakers can not simply read slides or deliver information that people could find on the internet. The opportunity cost for the audience’s ‘time investment’ listening to you is huge; as a result you as the speaker need to craft great messages and deliver them brilliantly. Day two unpacks the systems and design thinking behind world class presentations. Matt will share his three time tested critical design frameworks for structuring short and long presentations.


What I love about this program is having the time out to finally indulge in properly crafting a speech - something I’ve been running from for years; to be given such a clear path & structure to map it all; there are so many brilliant tips & tricks; taking myself to a pretty scary precipice - but it is in those places I learn so much; I would like to try to commit to really nailing 1 or 2 good speeches so I can start staying ‘yes’ again; Matt’s facilitation. Rockstar!
— Lisa Messenger


Day 3: Implementation

Day three is the day we work on your stuff. By the end of the day you will have built and shaped your presentation and taken it to a whole new level. This final day is all about implementation and personalisation. It’s all about you and what you have to say. A day of live mentoring, message shaping and critical feedback from Matt and members of the Speakership coaching team.This day is one of the most valuable in the program. It takes what you have learnt from the previous two days and integrates the tips, strategies and frameworks into your world.

Just to be really clear, you will want to put some work into the pre-course materials, making sure you have everything you need and all of your key ideas organised so you can take full advantage of Matt’s unique learn/do approach. We are all busy, and gone are the days where you can afford to attend a program to simply learn. With a little genius and a lot of work, Matt has figured out how you can achieve both learning and doing...

This is simply one of the most exciting learning experiences available today and we know you will find it unique, practical and chock full of smart strategies and tactics for becoming a world class presenter.


Speakership Program has outlined a path & a framework to achieve absolute mastery in this field of speaking & training. It would have taken 20 years to learn what we’ve learnt in a week with Matt.
— Jack Delosa


Who Should attend?  

This program is perfect for thought leaders. Information experts will leave with a rich process and system for creating presentations and workshops they can use to sell their thoughts. Anyone who presents strategy workshops, leadership communications or basic client education events should get access to the leading edge ideas in this program.

The program is perfect for business leaders. If you're trying to set yourself and your team apart from the rest, it's critical that you learn how to inspire your charges to apply their discretionary energy and make things happen. It's critical that you can mount a compelling case to upper management to acquire the resources your team needs. It's critical that you put your best foot forward in order to be next in line for the promotion.

This program is perfect for professional public speakers. It is, after all, the formula designed and used by Australia's pre-eminent professional speaker. The Speakership program gives you a system that allows you to design your presentations quickly, adapt and re-use them in multiple contexts, and leverage your knowledge for great commercial returns.

So, if you have read all of that, you know this rigorous program is practical, unique and full of 20 years of contemporary presentation skills wisdom.

It's time to upgrade your skills and step into the 21st Century, prepared to lead, influence and make a difference mastering the art and science of Speakership.

There is something special (we call it magical) that happens along the way to learning how to speak better in public... You can actually learn more about yourself than you ever could in a personal development program of the same duration. The hidden secret to charisma on stage is to know and own who you are authentically and then amplify that... somehow without even trying, people leave this program in an elevated state, they lift and for just a moment they see a future possibility with them rocking it out on stage.



So that's it...

Well, almost. Here are some other things you should know:

  • There is an extraordinary pre-work program that helps you get ready for part three specifically and this alone is extraordinarily valuable. Some say they get more out of the pre-work than they have out of previous public speaking programs.

  • The slide decks, planning templates and cheat sheets we provide are extraordinary and would sell for $500 or more in a stand alone. These are all included in your registration.


Tues 25th – Thurs 27th June 2019

UNSW Sydney
1 O'Connell Street, Sydney

$4,000 (+GST)
TLBS participants please contact Sarah on (02) 8966 4700 to discuss a special offer


Please contact Sarah on (02) 8966 4700 if you have any questions.


If you are serious about becoming a world class presenter then we would love to help you get there. Please download a copy of Matt's white paper Speak Out in Public.