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It’s no longer enough to keep people informed, you must inspire. It’s not enough to manage, you have to lead. Providing the missing link between strategy and execution, Speakership unpacks the science of influence.

Whether you want to speak to build a brand and position your expertise, or accelerate your leadership pathway, Speakership gives you the knowledge and tools you need to master the art of leading out loud.

This book is a map for leaders and ambitious achievers who want to harness the power of presentations to influence their projects, the implementation of their ideas and their tribe.

Getting rockstar good at speaking in public isn’t a nice-to-have skill, it’s an essential of 21st century leadership, a must have for up and coming thought leaders.

Your ability to stand and deliver in front of your teams, your colleagues, your clients will set you apart. Influencing and inspiring those around you by sharing messages that matter gives you instant credibility and cut-through.

For all the incredible communication capabilities of the internet, nothing can match the influential power of sharing an idea with someone in person. Nothing inspires people to act more than a genuine exhortation from a real person, right there in front of them. A powerful message, delivered with conviction by a speaker who cares about the outcome is the most effective motivator in the world.

Learn the 9 key principles of speakership so you can:

  • spread messages that matter
  • learn to lead, rather than manage
  • mobilise people into action
  • experience the ultimate personal development vehicle

Whether you want to speak to build a brand, inspire a team, curate a culture or grow your career; Speakership gives you the knowledge and tools you need to learn the art of oration and the science of influence.

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