Extraordinary conference experiences


Extraordinary conference experiences

Matt Church is no ordinary presenter. One of only eight speakers inducted into the Australian Speaker Hall of Fame he has also recently been named one of the top ten motivational speakers in the world.

He is an instigator, motivator, disrupter, teacher, researcher, innovator and leader. What sets him apart from the field of speakers is the profound impact he has on an audience. He acts as a catalyst inspiring people to create real change. He is without a doubt one of the top professional conference speakers.

His special gift is his ability to reach into the audience, capture their attention, build their trust and kick start a process of change. People leave his sessions entertained, informed and inspired. Rarely does someone simply return to “business as usual” after seeing a Matt Church presentation. Matt’s topic list is diverse with something to suit any audience.

As the founder of Thought Leaders Global, Matt’s greatest love is the development of thought leadership. It’s an obsession which connects him closely to some of the brightest and most brilliant minds in Australia, and across the world. His close connection with industry leaders spans a broad range of markets and activities, and as a chosen mentor to many of those leaders, he is in the unique position to have a deep insight into an enormous variety of topics, issues, markets, industries, and challenges.

A prolific author, his publishing history is a demonstration of his polymathic nature, and his ability to draw from this incredibly diverse sphere of knowledge means he can often shed new light on a topic which an industry has “done to death”. From this space, he inspires people to think, expertly delivering key messages and weaving them together with narratives from a diverse range of sources. Many say his presentations are watershed moments in industry and business culture.




Thoughts About Tomorrow You Can Talk About Today


Thoughts About Tomorrow You Can Talk About Today

The simple fact is that the world is changing at an ever increasing rate. Technological advances are creating shifting paradigms in every industry across the globe, and it’s a trend which we need to stand up and take notice of.

This keynote is based on Matt’s latest book, Next – Thoughts about tomorrow you can talk about today. 

In this rapidly changing world, the only certainty is that what works today will not work tomorrow. Old business models won’t work, old leadership styles won’t be tolerated and slow moving industries and businesses will become extinct. The successful players will be the ones with the greatest agility, creativity and foresight.


A session with Matt focused on disruption will help put in place a culture of willingness and a practical framework for being agile, creative and building foresight. If you want to discover how the four business revolutions (R1–R4), and the four personal evolutions (E1–E4) will affect your industry, this is where the journey begins. This is how you future proof your career and business in the decade of disruption.


From Matt’s revolutionary keynote you will:

  • Understand the imperative to implement
  • Move from change management to change leadership
  • Learn how to disrupt your own work deliberately
  • Explore frameworks for managing complexity
  • Position you, your career and your business to succeed in the future


The Power of Motivational Leadership to Inspire and Influence


The Power of Motivational Leadership to Inspire and Influence

Organisations looking to develop their leaders so they amplify the best in themselves and their teams should look no further than the author of the most practical book on the subject.

As the founder of Thought Leaders Global and the author of Amplifiers, Matt has long been driven to understand the most important elements of influential leadership. He believes that leadership is in essence about bringing out greatness in others and this principle is at the centre of his keynote on amplifiers. 

Organisations that succeed have leaders and teams that are inspired by what they do and what their work stands for. Matt unpacks the process by which transformational leaders can amplify their impact – amplify their productivity, amplify their creativity and amplify their results. 

This is an extraordinary book for leaders who think big!
— Michael Port, New York Times best-selling author of The Think Big Manifesto

Having committed decades to research and development in this field, Matt has the skills and strategies to unlock and amplify transformational leadership in your organisation. 

Your amplified leaders will become masters of maximising human potential and developing other great leaders among their colleagues.


In this high impact presentation Matt will show your leadership teams how to:

  • Master the essential communication tools for making an impact
  • Bring out the best in people and maximise their impact
  • Employ positive tactics that inspire others to achieve the unimaginable
  • Create work worth doing and cultures worth belonging to
  • Become leaders worth following

Thought Leaders

Helping Clever People be Commercially Smart

Thought Leaders

Helping Clever People be Commercially Smart

Matt’s presentation on thought leadership is the ideal catalyst for change. If you want to harness the intelligence within your organisation, this keynote will help the best and brightest shine even brighter. It will help to identify and release potential and also activate greater activity and innovation.

A thought leader is a leading authority in their field of expertise. They have access to a wealth of specialised knowledge which makes them uniquely valuable. They have collected information from varied and comprehensive sources and – most importantly – have packaged it so it can be effectively taught to others.

Whether they know it or not, organisations are driven by the opportunities created and discovered by the thought leaders within, and it’s important to realise that these abilities can be nurtured and developed.

There’s no rule book, no map for what it takes to be a thought leader. Matt Church, though, has come close, giving you a head start on what works.
— Seth Godin, New York Times best-selling author of Linchpin


As the founder of Thought Leaders Global, Matt Church is arguably the world’s leading authority on the subject of thought leadership. He has spent more than twenty years working with thought leaders in almost every field of human endeavour, developing strategies and frameworks to unlock the potential of clever people all over the world.

This keynote session with Matt can have a dramatic impact on the effectiveness of your teams and leaders. It can be the catalyst that helps your people discover knowledge and innovative ideas they didn’t realise they had within them.


The Thought Leaders presentation will:

  • Develop, retain and attract top performers
  • Leverage expertise to gain market share and drive revenue
  • Foster innovation from within the business
  • Break down silos and increase knowledge sharing
  • Raise the profile of your business authentically

Chemistry of Success

The Art of Living and the Science of Performance

Chemistry of Success

The Art of Living and the Science of Performance

Having commenced his career studying the science of high performance, Matt Church presents a practical and entertaining keynote on how to create a healthy balanced life. This presentation is based on his successful book Highlife 24/7 and explores the chemistry of success.

Every feeling in the human body is the result of a chemical – the internal physical drivers of peak performance. Learn about balancing these chemicals and you can better manage your moods and master the key to lifting your performance and productivity.

Where human excellence is concerned, Matt has years of experience. From demanding the most of himself to consulting with some of the biggest multi-national organisations, Matt has developed his own intellectual property around what makes high performance people tick.


Chemistry Of Success is the perfect presentation for a general audience or if you have a tricky timeslot that you’d like to fill with a light-hearted, entertaining presentation that holds lots of value for all that attend.


People who attend this keynote will:

  • Learn to assess their personal body chemistry and how to regularly monitor it
  • Discover how to gain greater energy levels, be clearer of mind and think quicker
  • Discover what to eat and when to eat it for maximum benefit
  • Learn what kind of exercise is most beneficial with the least effort
  • Receive tips on how to sleep more soundly and make every minute of sleep refreshing
  • Learn to live with less locked up stress



Add one of these sessions to extend the impact of having Matt speak at your conference

These presentations can also be delivered as main platform sessions where appropriate.


Powerful Positioning

How to stand out in a competitive landscape

It’s crowded out there and your ability to be remarkable and memorable is a key competitive advantage. Learn how to position yourself and what you do to get the results you want.

Beyond Trust

How to be more than a trusted advisor

Giving advice is easy, building a business around that relationship is an art. Learn how to generate greater commercial success by developing expertise.

Mega Productivity

Productivity strategies of high achievers

We each get the same 1440 minutes in a day and yet some seem to achieve far more with their time than others. Learn the habits of high achievers; from systems and work flows through to energy and focus management.

Grow your practice

Business building strategies for thought leaders

If you have a business based around you and your expertise, then these nine business building strategies will save you time and make you money. Maximise your impact in the market by following this proven approach.

Conviction Selling

Creating influence in commercial conversations

The evolution of sales focus from transaction to expertise has seen a shift to a more sophisticated and diagnostic approach. It’s time to step up a level and transition from convincing people to do business with you, to standing in conviction around who should do business with you, and why.


How to have it all by knowing what you want

If life is a game then focus on your winning strategy. You can have everything you want just not all at once. Learn how to harness the power of focus and sequence to achieve great things at work and at home.

Managing Talent

How to help the best get better

High achievers are rare, but finding those who can consistently repeat their success is even rarer. Learn how to sustain the talent of your best and brightest by tapping into their unique drivers for high performance.

Herding Genius

Helping high performers collaborate

Eagles don’t flock. There are unique challenges that present themselves when working with the best and brightest. Learn the formula of great leadership that brings out the best in your best people.

Level Up

Developing a mindset and culture of ambition

Not every person or team is ready, willing, or able to make the most of what they have. A decision to ‘level up’ needs to be made and while it’s not a decision everyone makes naturally, it is one that can be coached. Learn how to have next level performance conversations respectfully with team members.

Pirates of innovation

Making commercial innovation work

The three innovation choices you have in business are process improvement, inventing new solutions and adopting other’s ideas. The first is unlikely to drive growth and the second is hard to do without a huge R&D budget. Learn how to repurpose great ideas into your business for quick innovation wins.

Meme Pool

How to capture and share great ideas

You’ve heard the saying “people only use ten percent of their brain capacity”. Discover the surprising power of your mind by learning how to think. Learn how to unpack the ideas in your head with clarity and insight, and share them with others in a way that inspires action.


Every time you speak in public you are auditioning for a leadership position

Whether delivering a presentation or speaking to inspire and motivate, be clear about your purpose and powerful in your delivery.

Leading Culture

The levers for developing a high performance culture

It’s been said that culture trumps strategy every time. Learn how to build a culture that brings out the best in people both personally and professionally.

Brand you

How to work as if you own the business

Business is personal and today more than ever the modern knowledge worker needs to take charge of their career and manage their brand as if they were a business unto themselves. A highly practical session that helps you stand out by being yourself.

Beyond social

The game plan for growth through social media

Leveraging social media in business is more about strategy than it is about tactics. Learn how to optimise the platforms available to maximise the positive impact on your business.




An extremely engaging and motivational speaker. Matt’s infectious energy held the day together flawlessly for our audience. As a thought leader, Matt’s insight and take on insurance challenged the way we think about the future direction of our industry.


Such a powerful session! The feedback has been terrific, and your message was heard loud and clear. The team are speaking highly of you. Your delivery was exceptional. I am thrilled to be a member of this business – but more so now, because a bunch of people are keen to make a difference.


Matt was an exceptional speaker at our annual sales conference. Not only did he challenge the audience, he engaged them, provided humour and left us asking ourselves some tough questions on how we need to change and evolve to continue as a successful and growing organisation. After the presentation many managers referred to Matt’s session to keep and build momentum of the key messages. A true inspiration!


Matt was the highlight of the day and people are still talking about his session! I think there are few speakers on the circuit that give such great content, incredible passion and energy and make people laugh so much they are falling off their chairs! Honestly, Matt could do stand-up comedy, he is so funny. It was a pleasure working with him.


We toured Matt twice around the country to our network. He went the extra mile in pre planning, delivering on the day and follow up. Problem is we are now spoiled, no one even comes close to the professionalism and true thought leadership he provided, if we could use Matt at every event we would.

Matt’s approach is different to many working in this space he is able to challenge and inspire at the same time – brilliant. He really cuts through.


I can honestly say that Matt delivered the goods. The impact on the people was tremendous and the feedback on the session has been excellent, many labelling it as the best they have seen.


Matt was extremely well received by our clients and staff. All were highly engaged and discussion of the content and key messages continued outside of the conference room over dinner and breakfast. Many of our clients are familiar with Matt, having seen him three times now, however Matt managed to continue to engage them with relevant life and business topics and expand on ground he had covered in the past. Matt (and his team) are very thorough and organised, not to mention easy to work with.

Matt went above and beyond to ensure the clients felt at ease around him, including suggesting a more appropriate layout for the conference room that would encourage engagement and allow our clients to feel more comfortable.


Matt provided an energising and thought provoking presentation. He was extremely engaging and was the topic of many a conversation by our delegates throughout the two days. Matt’s team were superb to deal with! A flawless execution! If you are looking for a presenter that will re-invigorate your audience and leave them wanting more, Matt Church is your man! Matt provides a highly energetic and energised performance, combined with his own unique humour he will be the talk of your group for months ahead.





Speaker of the Year 2014

National Speakers Association of Australia

Global Top Ten Motivational Speakers 2015


Speaker Hall of Fame

National Speakers Association of Australia

Educator of the Year 2011

National Speakers Association of Australia

21 Most Influential People
in the Global Speaking Industry

Speaker Magazine


Want Matt to speak at your next conference?

Want Matt to speak at your next conference?

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