Randy Pausch knew he was dying of an incurable illness and decided that he would not go quietly into the night. Instead, he committed to making his last days on earth extraordinary. He would be present, connected and loving. A university professor he decided he would give one last lecture before he died, this presentation and the subsequent book The Last Lecture are elegant. 

It's worth asking your self a similar question and taking time to explore what comes up for you. If you had one lecture left to give in your life what would the message be?

If you had one lecture left to give in your life what would the message be?


If I thought this was the last time we had a chance to speak I would first listen deeply to you (thanks Oscar), and I would make sure that every second I had with you was knowing love, showing love and being love. If you then pushed me for lessons learnt or instructions for the future I might say these three things:


1. You are not the voice in your head.

You are the presence that sits behind the voice. Meditate and get to know the calm, loving, peaceful you that sits behind the monkey mind. Eckhardt Tolle calls this presence. This one thing can set you free. Relax back into the calm presence that is witness to your life. Michael Singer explains how to do this brilliantly within the first 50 pages of his book The Untethered Soul.


2. Live above the line.

The late, great Dr David Hawkins wrote in Power Versus Force about a map of consciousness. One of his students (and my dear friend) Michael Henderson wrote a book titled Above The LineI have written about it before. When you decide to stop operating out of the negative space of fear, anger or pride and have the courage to operate out of kindness, acceptance and love everything changes. 'We see the world not as we are, not as it is' (anon).


3. Be attention out.

It is critical that you get beyond the space in your head. Gratitude serves to correct many errors of mind. Make a list of what you are thankful for rather than complaining about what you don't have, dedicate your life in service to others over self. Great leaders spend time making others great. It really is not about you at all. Watch The Big Blue and realise that we are all connected and that service to others breaks you out of the illusion that you are alone. You are not alone.


Thankfully this is not my last lecture, but if it were that's what I would say today.

Lots of love,


What would you say?