Matt Church is an amazing speaker and true thought leader. Hundreds of people turn to him for advice and clarity of ideas. If you have a message you need to market, Matt is the only person you need to know. He has literally helped me double my business.

Craig Rispin | Speaker of the Year, 2007 | TL Mentor of the Year 2009

Matt is the ultimate Guru of helping potential Thought Leaders develop their unique Message for the Market. With Matt's wisdom, creativity and guidance I was able to embark on a journey that otherwise I know I wouldn't have ventured. Every day that I step onto stage to deliver a keynote, workshop or when I deliver training, I am thankful I received mentoring from the best - because then I can truly be the best that I can be. Thanks Matt.

Peter Baines | TL Socialpreneur of the Year 2008 

Matt Church has been mentoring me through his Thought Leaders program for the past 6 months. In that time my business has grown dramatically. His guidance and advice has been invaluable and taken my message and career in a new direction. He has help me identify what my expertise is and how I can take that message to the world. I cannot endorse the work Matt does highly enough!

Dr Adam Fraser

The Million Dollar Expert Program lives up to its audacious name. Within the first twelve months of being exposed to this magnificent intellectual property I saw my personal revenue stream increase by 300% along with my reputation economy; my ideas are now delivered with exceptional clarity and purpose; but most importantly of all, I have established an incredible support network of like-minded thinkers who inspire me to reach new heights each day in the work I love.  

Darren Hill, Executive Director, Change Works: Forward thinking Experts

Based on my prior experience at events, I would suggest that Matt would be in the upper echelon of presenters based on both the audience response and feedback that we received on his presentation. Following the initial presentation many of our delegates shuffled the rest of their day to be able to attend the subsequent session that Matt ran noting that it was too important to miss both from a content and presentation basis. From a client perspective I do not think that we could have engaged a more professional and personable speaker. Matt's ability to turn his address to specifically target our client base was more than I expected and speaks volumes for Matt's ability to deliver the right message to the right people at the right time.

Paul James, Advanced Professional Solutions, Keynote

Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to Matt for an excellent presentation yesterday morning at Council, the feedback has been brilliant and coming in fast!!!!!! As part of the running of the day we employed a barrista, we would like to donate the takings from the coffees purchased to Matt's charity of choice.......... Could you please pass our thanks and appreciation onto Matt.

Jo Sully, Warringah Council, Keynote


Matt's skills and abilities are amazing.  His insight into the world of presenting and tools he has it his fingertips, in order to assist in improving presentations, is priceless. I feel very privileged for having had the opportunity of this training. Thanks again....

John Wills, Mercer, Keynote

We surveyed our attendees and Matt was the highest scoring presenter across the 2 day conference. General comments on the consistency of language and theme throughout the conference suggests the preparation was well worth it. We were well served from an administration, coordination, preparation and then delivery perspective. On all counts, we felt special!

Sandra Clubb, Carter Holt Harvey, Keynote

Thank you for an AWESOME 2 days. I have been stretched, challenged and elegantly today you pulled it all together and the pieces fell into place. I am leaving lighter, energised and with a roadmap to skill levels with velocity.

Sally-Anne Cotton, Executive Alchemist, Million Dollar Expert Immersion Program


I had to evacuate my little house twice in the last couple of weeks because we were threatened by a bush fire that came way to close to my little town in country Victoria and it came to the big question of what will I take with me – passport, clothes, laptop obviously but bugger all else got in the bag – the one thing I did pack was my notes from the Immersion Program – they are that treasured to me – so thanks for giving me info that I’d take over poxy photo albums any day!

Margaret Gill, Abundant Private Practices, Million Dollar Expert Immersion Program

In February 2008 I attended the "Million dollar expert" event hosted by Matt. I was struggling with motivation, passion and vision for my business. Matt said one thing "you don't have a business you have a practice". He then carefully and skillfully articulated how to live your life through your practice. In the last 8 months, I have worked less, travelled more and earned heaps more Matt is a master, his wisdom, insight and discernment is world class. I owe him much and cannot recommend his services highly enough. 

Tony Gattari, Achievers Group Pty Ltd, Million Dollar Expert Immersion Program

The process in which the Immersion program extracts the unique thoughts and ideas from your intellectual property is extraordinary and truly valuable.  The action to then package it, and market it, to evolve your IP to commercial value and create money, time & freedom. Thank you Matt & Thought Leaders. Nolan Fisher, Change UR Body, Million Dollar Expert Immersion Program
I thoroughly enjoyed myself and within 30 minutes of the close on Friday I had completed a meeting and secured new work that paid for the Immersion. I found myself being much more confident and assertive and trusting my intuition more than I have previously. It's great how the universe finds you and provides when you need it.

Dr Denis Bourke, IAG, Million Dollar Expert Immersion Program


Warning this course may cause transformations! Problems such as smiling so much your cheeks hurt can occur post course!
The change, the transformation is inevitable if you’re open and ready. This may be what you’ve been searching for but don’t expect it too be easy this is hard fun!
Slowly through the program I began to see things differently. Matt helps you to explore, question yourself, and dig deep inside. It touches all your senses and shifts your thinking in simple ways and suddenly the last piece of the jigsaw drops into place. I left feeling and thinking differently.
The effort that went into creating the program is phenomenal and it’s nothing short of a masterpiece. Down to details like the location, creating an environment for learning and the content variety to suit all learning types was fantastic.
Whether you’re a seasoned speaker, or starting out, an author or trainer this program is invaluable and relative to everyone at all levels.
Thanks again to the Matt Church Team for helping create this wonderful learning experience.

Kirsty Spraggon, Million Dollar Expert Immersion Program

What a fabulous two days. Great content, great entertainment and great relevance. Any leader who is serious about having other people follow, just has to do this workshop. Matt Church, you are 'The Minister of Message and Method'. 

Paul Mitchell, The Human Enterprise, World Class Presenter Program

Awesome program! This is a must attend for anyone wanting to be a World Class leader and communicator. 

Aaron Parsons, The Business Commandos, World Class Presenter Program


Thank you so much for sharing so many wonderful insights, concepts and practical tips. I have been transformed by your workshop and feel excited to start putting the knowledge into practice.

Katie Roberts, Katie Roberts Career Consulting, World Class Presenter Program

The most important thing that I got was the belief, the inspiration, the confidence to move to a whole new level of presenting. That alone would not be enough - what Matt did so effectively was demonstrate just how one can do this. This made it real, practical, and possible. Thank you. 

Jill Horder, Robert Horder Accountants, World Class Presenter Program

World Class Presenter is an invaluable program for anyone wanting to not only be inspired, but to discover how to inspire others. An extraordinary collaboration and inhabitation of ideas, methods and solutions that will enhance listeners and speakers anywhere. 

Brooke Alexander, Kre8 Brand & Design, World Class Presenter Program


What I loved about the WCP program is that it shifted my mindset on how to present. It also gave me great tools to both create content for presentations and tools on how to communicate the content. I recommend this program to anyone that wants to speak professionally. 

Harry Raftos, Action Coach, World Class Presenter Program

The Matt Impact! Matt is someone to learn a great deal from. He is an authority in presenting. I believe Matt is the best teacher/trainer I have ever had.

Emma Bell, World Class Presenter Program

I attended thinking I would learn some skills, I came away with inspiration, knowledge and learning that will serve me not only in my speaking but also in my life.

Lauren Postans, Rothbury Health, World Class Presenter Program


Clear practical tips and insights to lift my presenting and communication skills from really good to World Class. I'll be using the skills immediately and practising constantly.

Karin Hawkins, Allister Redlands Pty Ltd, World Class Presenter Program

What an experience to be here for the last two days and see a true master at work... I am now feeling inspired and equiped to dramatically improve my speaking ability. Thank you Matt Church for creating such a brilliant program.

Dale Beaumont, Dream Express International Pty Ltd, World Class Presenter Program

Matt Church is a super high level chaotic - good - mordern paladin with God-like charisma! I've got heaps of take home and transformative value out of his World Class Presenter program. Cheers heaps Matt!

Jason Fox, Jason Fox Pty Ltd, World Class Presenter Program


Amazing, fantabulous, splendiferous, captivating and energetic Matt Church! Uplifting, empowering, inspiring. Paradigm shifting and effective call to action. You really are the world class teacher to world class speakers! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Connie Tung, Fusion Global Events & Marketing, World Class Presenter Program

Matt is the most skilled expert on presenting I've every seen.  He's dissected everything you need to know to "be" a great presenter.  Bloody brilliant course.  Thanks for your service, Matt.

Sherry Strong, World Class Presenter Program

Matt, you seriously rock as always!  The most valuable parts of World Class Presenter: the layering of understanding; how to design and present a short or long piece to any level of audience or skill level in an inspiring, original and phenomenal way.  Awesome, thanks!

Erica Bagshaw, The Alignment Group, World Class Presenter Program


If you want to be a worldclass keynote speaker, SBBC is invaluable!

Brooke Alexander, Kre8 Brand & Design, Speech Building Bootcamp

Energy at boiling point - You brought it as usual. Loved the way you provide us content when you give the room examples. I now believe with far greater confidence that I am far better equipped to sell my thinking when the time comes.

Damian Kernahan, Proto Partners, Speech Building Bootcamp

Great value. I love that I now fully understand how to craft and write my speeches. Really helpful and making speech writing straight forward and logical.

Sharonne Phillips, Sharonne Phillips Consulting, Speech Building Bootcamp


I used to fall asleep in lectures and school, I never once faltered! I loved the structure - I needed it. Being emotive, you disciplined and took me back to step out of my emotional world.

Diana Morrisson, Care For Africa, Speech Building Bootcamp

I got so much out of this workshop. To have a framework that forces me to consider every aspect of my talk, what goes in, does it flow, is it congruent, has given me the clarity that was lacking. I got a lot out of the vocabulary table. I love that I have a useful takeaway.

Regina McInnes, McInnes Property Management, Speech Building Bootcamp

Very relaxed. Great structure, helped polish my speech into something that I feel comfortable with presenting.

Stuart Diver, Speech Building Bootcamp


Structure and process that taps into Matt's experience and expertise. Grateful, excited and tired. Thanks!

Mark Wayland, Speech Building Bootcamp

SBBC was an awesome opportunity to engineer mastery in to the design of every future talk I give. The processes, templates and checklists are easy, simple and quick... well worthwhile.

Josh MacKenzie, Speech Building Bootcamp

Maestro Matt! You have served up a speech building feast from your gifted garden. Breadth and depth, excellent quality, content, masterfully delivered. Namaste!

Nicholas Grace, State Of Grace Pty Ltd, Speech Building Bootcamp


The course content was awesome!! And you are giving me more on the website. How great is that? Thank you. The structure and discipline I needed, and the ideas for going forward were brilliant. Thank you again.

Tony Harris, Easy Living Finances, Speech Building Bootcamp

As always, exceptional presentation. After 48 hours, I now have a presentation after 8 months of suffering.

Susan Wahhab, Winner Performance, Speech Building Bootcamp

Wow! What a gift this Bootcamp has been for me Matt. Written and facilitated with passion and purpose. I love the step by step process. Can't wait to utilise it fully. Such a great foundation/model.

Kathryn Orford, KO Inc, Speech Building Bootcamp


As always, you leave me better than you found me, inspired and excited.

Larry Robertson, Robertson Burns, Speech Building Bootcamp

Fantastic insight into the way a speech is put together - and how to do it! I have heard many presentations but been unaware of the processes at work behind the scenes. With this workshop I feel confident that I could prepare a speech on a variety of subjects for a variety of audiences.

Sue O’Brien, Organisations That Matter, Speech Building Bootcamp

I have to say that Matt was absolutely AMAZING!!! He totally wowed our fact they are still talking about him!  His calm, creative and fun approach truly the entire session together.  In short, he's spectacular!

Melissa Dwyer, Jones Lang LaSalle


I have never been to a forum where the speaker was so knowledgeable and full of energy.  There was never a boring moment and Matt kept us engaged and inspired. The forum was beyond my expectations.  The quality of Matt’s presentation was unbelievable

Amanda Spalding, LGMA

Having worked closely with the world’s greats such as Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Tom Hopkins and Dr John Demartini I can confidently state that Matt Church is amongst the best of the best in the world. His thinking and depth of knowledge will take you to areas that you never imagined were possible. If you ever get the opportunity to be around Matt, embrace it and your life will never be the same again. 

Ronnie Kagan, The Business of Life

I had a great deal of contact with Matt during my term as President of NSAA (NSW). I observed that Matt is a man that is liked by all and well respected for his knowledge and expertise. This is backed by communications skills that are first class. He can entertain hundreds in a room as a speaker or engage individuals as a coach - always delivering a potent message. I have nothing but praise for him - he's a pro.

Doug Callander, NSAA


Matt exceeded our expectations.  He integrated his subject with our conference theme perfectly.  All 350 delegates were thoroughly impressed with his style and knowledge. The feedback from the delegates and staff has been overwhelmingly positive. 

Jodi Russell, Cognos

Matt was exceptional.  He has a real presence and vitality.  His presentation was informative, challenging and humorous.  The difficult post lunch session became a highlight of the Conference.  I would not hesitate to use him again.  

Ian Hopkins, Construction Benefit Services

As expected, Matt’s presentations were excellent.  He related very well with the audience and all comments received both verbally and on the Evaluation Forms have been extremely positive.  From an organiser’s point of view, Matt was very well prepared and his experience as a presenter was utilised to the fullest.  I would recommend and use him again in an instant!! 

Nicole Walker, LGMA


I can honestly say you delivered the goods. The impact on the people was tremendous and the feedback on the workshop has been very good - many labelling it as the best they have been on - and if in deed that is correct you were a large factor in its success for which I thankyou.  I hope we meet again. 

Steve Cosgrove, QBE Insurance

I believe your message was extremely powerful and that you reinforced a consistent message tying in this year’s & last year’s presentations.  Your effort in achieving this was very well received and had many farmers thinking long and hard about their lives personal & professionally.  I know for myself, the prioritisation of core values has prompted me to change a number of things in my life, so thank you once again for your efforts especially considering that not all people take to heed of a message that hits home. 

Rebecca Thorn, World Leaders Dairy Group

Your contribution to our conference clearly stood out as one of the number 1 factors that made it possible.  Thanks for your energy, humour and sincerity - all which were greatly appreciated by the team.  From a personal perspective, you made my job so much easier.

Sue Crawford, Crombie Lockwood


Matt is one of the best speakers in this country - his content is excellent and the delivery an art in itself. Matt consistently draws the crowds and walks his talk in every way. I have no hesitation in recommending Matt.

Kim McGuiness, Network Central

I want to extend my thanks to you for your tremendous effort and energy at our offsite last week.   I am sure everyone went away a little more knowledgeable about themselves following the insights you provided. The feedback on the event has been very positive and I felt it was a great success. 

Rob Woods, Challenger

Matt was certainly rated as the best speaker of the conference. His laid back, enthusiastic style along with his great ability to entertain ensured that the delegates were exposed to a high quality performance that ensured he conformed with the conference organiser's desire of creating and enjoyable and fun atmosphere in which you could learn. His grasp of the topic, and simple, yet relevant message allowed the individual to take something away that they could improve their life.

Vince Aisthrope, Tarong Energy


Matt Church was received with great interest and presented a reflective aspect of how to join the high achievers. He provided us with a mechanism to establish our 'own truth' on what pushes our buttons, and why! It was great to have Matt on board

Graham Bennett, National Brokers Group

Matt Church was absolutely sensational; everyone I spoke to thoroughly enjoyed his session.  I would definitely recommend Matt to any future conference organisers especially considering the fact that our group would have been a pretty tough audience to please, they thought he was great.  Thank you so much for recommending and helping us get Matt to our Summit.  Well done!!! 

Jackie Scott, Theiss

I started using Matt Church to help with strategic communications and presentational skills.  Whilst he is excellent in both of these tasks his skills go much deeper.  Matt has great insight and an ability to assist business leaders cut through issues quickly, effectively package solutions and communicate them such that they have impact and acceptance with the relevant audience.  It is a lonely position being the CEO; Matt is a great coach to have along side you. 

Andrew Penn, CEO Axa


Matt's take on performance looks deeper than most - his views on adrenaline addiction and performance optimisation made for some fascinating conversations as to the nature of modern life, but his strength and value comes from not just his keen insight, but having developed practical strategies to address the reality of it.

Crystal Woods,

The one on ones have been life changing - I never realised I could "unpack" so much passion and wisdom in one year.  I like sharing my heart and my desire to positively transform people’s lives and until now I would not have believed I could communicate as clearly, powerfully and confidently.  Thanks Matt.

Maurice Goldberg, Ark Financial

THE STRETCH!! Matt you have challenged and supported me to achieve things I had only dreamed of.  It has been great fun, hard work, but a great way to learn, develop and reach new heights.  

Sharonne Phillips, Calm from Chaos


Thanks so much for the great work last week. In my mind you were the highlight of the conference. I look forward to working together again soon. You are an extraordinary speaker. 

Patrick Sweeney, Australian Speakers Bureau

Matt Church's motivating and energetic presentation had the audience captivated with 100% of respondents rating the session as being relevant and informative. Participant feedback showed that 100% agreed or strongly agreed that the workshop was relevant and informative. 

Carole Gregson, NESA

I'd like to thank you most sincerely on behalf of the Boeing Australia Limited leadership team for making the time to deliver your speech at our forum held at Hyatt Coolum Resort.  In particular, I would like to thank you for the time you obviously invested beforehand in thinking about and preparing your contribution. We thank you for your support and look forward to the positive future of Boeing Australia Limited working together openly and successfully.

David Withers, Boeing Australia


Matt Church was brilliant.  I received positive feedback from all delegates and our Managing Director was extremely pleased with Matt’s presentation.  Matt had the ability to embrace the entire audience yet making them feel as if he was working one on one with them.

Betty Sheppard, ANZ

THANK YOU for presenting your research, knowledge and understanding of how the mind works at our convention. You were a bit hit. Your presentation certainly contributed to the overall success of what was our best event ever. 

Andy Kirss- Managing Director, Neways International

We believe this meeting will be remembered as one of the finest ever held by the MDRT.  We greatly appreciate the time and effort you extended for your participation as a speaker.  Thank you for your outstanding performance and for helping make this Annual Meeting such a success.

Stephen Rothschild, Million Dollar Round Table


Matt truly is a thought leader. But not only is he brilliant at presenting his own content, he's a master at helping others refine theirs. Matt has provided immeasurable assistance as I've worked to spread my message of happiness. He's helped me translate and package my vast knowledge and present it in a way that's useful and memorable to the many and varied people to whom I talk.

Dr Tim Sharp, Clinical Psychologist and Best Selling Author

Thought Leaders turned my unique talents and ideas into an amazing business practice that keeps continuing to grow from strength to strength. If you have a message that's burning to come out and you want to make lots of money from it, then join Thought Leaders.

Nils Vesk Creativity Guru and author of Life’s Little Tool Box

Matt is a world leader in leveraging an expert's unique knowledge into a million-dollar business. In my role working with experts from around the world, I see the best of the best. In choosing the people I build relationships with on a personal and professional level, I scan widely and choose wisely. It's a privilege to work with somebody of Matt's expertise, insight, wisdom and integrity.

Gihan Perera, First Step Communications and Founder of Wildfire


Matt has created probably the most dynamic forum for entrepreneurial individuals that this country has seen! His energy, outlook, non-traditional, innovative, strategic yet passionate approach will do nothing less than set your soul on fire! It's a fast paced, exciting space and one that I'm proud to be a part of!

Lisa Messenger, Publisher and author - * Entrepreneur of the year

Matt helps people leverage their unique knowledge to create outstanding value for clients and customers. The Thought Leader programs have given me the skill and knowledge to fast track my business, creating valuable products for clients and therefore new revenue streams for me. But that is only half the story. The amazing experience of learning with Matt alongside the highly intelligent people Thought Leaders attracts, is really exciting, inspiring and highly motivating. I would recommend Matt and Thought Leaders to anyone who sells their thoughts or expertise for money.

Zoe Palmer, Brand Chemistry

I have had the pleasure seeing Matt do a keynote speech some years ago and very recently. He has a unique style that is engaging and memorable. Further to this he has a depth of knowledge for the topic and the delivery methodology that gives his speech massive credibility. The value I have received from this has been brilliant. 

Craig Bulmer, Making Training Work


Matt’s program has literally transformed how I look at the world! An amazing and insightful approach to understanding what value you add, what your real message is. He gave me the understanding and the confidence to do what I always wanted to do, be an author and a keynote speaker.

Toby Marshall, Abacus Recruitment

Matt is the man! If you have a body of expertise and want to profit from it, Thought Leaders is the place for you. Thought Leaders is by far the most valuable professional development I have ever engaged in.

Peter Sheahan, author of Flip and Gen Y.  * Infopreneur of the year

I'm smart and very discerning, and I learn from many people. At first, I didn't believe the Thought Leaders promise of knowing your expertise so well that you don't have to prepare. Now I realise that it's true! What I've done in Thought Leaders has completely changed my way of thinking. I just turn up, confident that I can be relevant and engaging. It's the most valuable forum I've ever joined.

Gihan Perera, First Step Communications


Well you guys set the world on fire. You will never know the effect you have on the entire world. You throw in a pebble and it becomes a Tsunami. I love how you love. I embrace how you embrace ad I give thanks that you have come into my life and thousands of others. 

Terry Hawkins, People in Progress

Matt's ability to quickly identify your area of expertise, capture your message, create & deliver a commercial implementation plan and ensure you have fun while you do it - will blow your mind! His expertise includes identifying true leaders, helping them realise their full potential, challenging their thinking and creating a community of exceptional thinkers. He is great to work with, inspirational to watch and the best at what he does. Matt will add value to you both personally and professionally - he is truly one of the world's best Thought Leaders.

Neen James, International Productivity Expert

When I pitched my challenge to the group of Thought Leaders, I was hoping to get one or two good ideas that I could use - I got 25!  If I had paid consultants for advice of this caliber, the fee would have been more than $10, 000.  When I add to this, the support, encouragement and enthusiasm I received from the other Thought Leaders, the session was truly invaluable.

Domonique Bertolucci, Success Strategies


I recommend the Thought Leaders program and Matt Church to anyone looking for clarity, direction and purpose in their business lives. I came to Matt with a vision. He helped me shape, organise and execute my ideas beyond anything I thought was possible. He has also, and continues to, give me the confidence and belief to value myself fully, and raise the bar higher than I ever imagined possible.

David Thomas, Think Global

I was lost and now I’m found! I’m so thankful that I had so much time with Matt -in his commitment to this program.  Best part of it: Getting clarity.  Feel supported, feel believed in by the group, feel empowered. 

Chellie Spiller, Rodger Spiller & Associates

Working with Matt Church and Thought Leaders has been instrumental in the acceleration of my business. It would have taken me years to achieve what I've done in 12 months had it not been for his guidance. I recommend Matt and Thought Leaders to any experts who want to turn what they know into a commercial (and lucrative) reality.

James Adonis, Author of Love Your Team


This has been the most impactful, challenging programs I have participated in, in my career. Matt is extremely informative and engaging - he challenges traditional ways of working and thinking - he takes you out of your comfort zone, challenges and stretches you . My business and life will never be the same – Thank you Matt. Love your work!

Avril Henry, AH Revelations

I was recently successfully promoted to Associate Professor and your influence played a strong role in my decision to apply, and my approach to my application.  The experiences I have had through Thought Leaders has allowed me to redefine what I do. By learning more about strategic planning and gap analysis I came to see how they could also be actively applied to my own academic life. In valuing my own unique contribution, I became more excited by the new possibilities within my teaching, and modes of delivery. Suddenly, the information that appeared not to apply to my worldview, became relevant in a way I had not anticipated. 

Emma Robertson, UNSW

I believe is learning from experts, as I want to take the quickest and shortest path to success.  Why reinvent the wheel and spend 10 years doing it when Matt can show you in a fraction of the time.  I’ve moved from amateur speaker to real estate expert on television and property mentor to those in the industry.  Matt is an expert in his field and has the experience of working with some of Australia’s best-known corporates.

Chris Gray, Go For Your Life


I now have concrete, tangible and tested things I can do to become world-class.  I have identified some frames that have held me back in the transition from Trainer to Speaker.  Once I've written the book, I'll be booking in for 1:1 presentation skills and coaching.  Awesome. Thank you.

Mandy Holloway, Holloway Consulting

Gaining a mix of strategy and creativity - left brain and right brain.  I started the year with the outline of the idea and finished with a suite of services, products and a business.  It has been incredibly valuable. Repositioned my business and have in one year become within the top 5% of my industry. Been challenged and taken completely out of my comfort zone.

Tanya Pelly, Pelly Consulting

If you are serious about taking your business to the next level you need to be a member of the Thought Leaders Private Mentoring program. Matt has an unrivalled ability to see opportunities where others cannot, and to keep you accountable as you build your business. Since joining Thought Leaders just 18 months ago I have doubled my top line and quadrupled my bottom line. Thanks Matt!

Peter Sheahan, Peter Sheahan Pty Ltd


Matt has made a real, tangible and profitable impact on my business in two main ways. Firstly we (my wife, who is my business partner and comes to all the meetings) have much greater clarity about the strategic direction and decisions for the growth of our business. Secondly the 'get to market' of products and services from the drawing board to realisation has been turbo charged. That's more than paid for the investment in Matt. I told a speaking colleague yesterday that it's the best consulting money I've ever spent."

Iven Frangi, Frangi Communications

Matt Church is an inspirational mentor, leader and advocate for innovation and excellence. His exceptional program has been a major catalyst in the development of new products and increased income for our business. In addition, the ability to mix with leaders in other industries has prompted great innovation, helping our business to become a leader in our own industry.

Lis Brandson, Global Qi

Matt is a true master in stretching you to think about your ideas in unparalleled new ways. He has a special gift for helping people give wings to their ideas. If you are looking to taking your ideas to the next level, Matt might just hold the key. 

Jasbindah Singh, SQ Executive Management Consulting


I have personally and professionally known Matt for 7 years. During this time Matt has offered sound advice, direction and clarity to my progressive career. His constructive comments and guidance has always been reliable, trust worthy and in my best interests.    In recent times, in my role as a CEO for a large real estate company going through a major re-brand, his clear recommendations and third party prospective on some challenging situations gave me the framework to make positive steps forward.  I would highly recommend Matt to anyone seeking clarity in the careers and futures.

Shane Kempton

Matt is simply one of the best presenters on health and nutrition I ever had the pleasure to hear. He is a walking talking master class on health and well being.

Kerry Larkan, Kerry Larkan Ltd

If you have any desire to take your idea, thought leadership to market then you have to have a conversation with Matt. He is the Thought Leaders Thought Leader, his ability to capture the essence of your idea and how best for you to create a sustainable model to commercialise it is awesome. 

Hugh Gyton, Just a Conversation


Matt is truly the expert's expert and working with him has elevated both my business and me to a whole new level! His way of seeing the world inspires enthusiasm, creativity and above all, passionate action to be the best you can be. I love his depth of wisdom, his open and honest heart and his superb communication skills. He is a man that truly cares for his clients and provides value in every interaction.

Lorna Patten, Open Up Communications

Every day that I step onto a stage to deliver a keynote, workshop or when I deliver training, I am thankful I received mentoring from the best – because then I can truly be the best that I can be. Thanks Matt.

Peter Baines

By far the most stimulating entertaining and valuable class I have ever attended. Would recommend to everyone I know in business. What a motivator! I could definitely have left after your presentation and changed my business of the better. Loved the language, energy, and connection with the audience, fantastic smile, best slides I have ever seen. 

Michelle Bowden, Michelle Bowden Enterprises


Brilliant to watch you in action. Your enthusiasm passion and energy is crazily infectious. You are a truly masterful guru. I love that you embrace a realness, a truth and spiritual principles. You evoke insight and awareness with your personal stories to provide context amidst your brilliant content. It was a pleasure to be here. 

Lisa Messenger, Messenger Marketing

Just wanted to say thanks for the gift of Thought Leaders, I now really understand the power of message and of the cards. After finding and developing my message my speaking has really taken a quantum leap forward.

Dr. Adam Fraser, The Energy Factory

Oodles of charisma, great examples and heaps of useful information.  Loved the simultaneous nature of dialogue and presentation.  Walked away really seeing the ART and SCIENCE of speaking.  Great to hear the inside of how you create tips.  Really valuable session.

Sarah McIntyre


Very good tips in structuring keynote addresses and tips on varying the intensity, tone, mood and effectiveness of talks.  Also learnt the importance of embedding knowledge and getting the message across.

Rob Brown, Rob Brown Yatching

Thanks for the reinforcement and distinctions around storytelling.  And a big thank you for making selling from the platform OK.  Loved the natural energy flow for a presentation.  

Suzanne Mercier, Purpose to Profit

Elegant. Mastery. Artful.  I want to be world-class and I know Matt Church is the person to take me there.  Deep thinking applied with a genuine intent to light people up!  Don't bother with anything else!

Libby Sander, Alegria Human Resources


You gave me lots to work on.  I really liked the 'flip side' of uniqueness and how I should be more future-focused in my positioning.

Kerrie Scott

I have attended huge numbers of courses and its rare these days to find something so unique.  Huge integrity and authenticity.  Beautiful.  I loved it!!  

Adaleen Griffiths, Fineline Kitchens

Clarity and structure and a new awareness on how to put things together and being future focused.  You have given me so many ideas and I love how it was practical and interactive.   Outstanding.

Matthew Ward, Reward Corp


Loved presentation and the focus on future & omission discipline.  I was really excited to come to this seminar and really got value.

Rohan Dredge, New Level Coach

Presentation style and content was excellent.  Engaging, thought provoking and drives you to want to investigate further. 

Nicole Rosevear, Anglo Coal Australia

Interactive aspects, relevant topic and a great process. Thanks for keeping us on our toes by asking the audience to get up in front to apply. Keep challenging us. Enjoyed it and more importantly, I can apply it. 

Scott Stein, Pathfinder


Impossible as it seems, every workshop you present delivers more and more unique perspectives and directly applicable new knowledge.  I learn from your content and from your extraordinary presentation -professional and perfect with lots of real world value. 

Emma Robertson

Thank you so much for delivering an astonishing program with such massive value!! You have created a fluid syllabus that deftly blends deep personal discovery with clear steps to entrepreneurial success. And backed up with flawlessly generous support! This program has been 5 x the investment already.

Peter Webb, ITC

Just bloody brilliant as always.

Erica Bagshaw, Inner Profit Pty Ltd


Every time I hear you speak and spend time with you, I learn something new and profound. Thank you for the exercise on negative/genius/positive.  It was an absolute eye opener.

Avril Henry, AH Revelations

It was one of the only workshops I've ever attended that actually delivered. 

Andrew Horabin

Great pace, straight talking, good use of examples.  If you want to commercialise what you do and earn big time -this is the program for you! Just do it!

Kim Dooris, ARC Mastery


An extremely well presented systematic approach that provided a huge amount of vital, useful information that was understood.  I got grounded clarity and an action plan, plus absolute belief that I can do it!

Laurie Gordon, Creative Spirit

Absolutely one of the best speakers I have had the pleasure of listening to.

Col Stevens, Chubb Security

You served our organisation extremely well and for me personally – I was a very happy person.   I felt secure with Matt at the helm and for a CO that is the best feeling you can have – Matt is incredibly professional, generous and in the management of his MC role – consistently value adding.  An absolute treasure to work of my special people.

Carole Gregson, NESA


Matt, Your newsletter has gone from strength to strength, well done.  It’s the only one I look forward to and take the time to read, as always, timely information, to the point and quick to read.  Excellent.

Christie Clarke, First Incite

Great warmth, authenticity, no superiority, you create a clear space for each person to step into in a way that works for them

Ross Clennett, Ingenius Coaching

Your development days are like therapy; an uncomfortable sit in the room of mirrors to face and overcome our biggest obstacles, great fun and an energising experience. 

Zoe Palmer, Brand Chemistry


You are a super star!! Another fabulously, riveting speech full of generous and juicy ideas. Looking forward to another sensational event! 

Lisa Messenger

Seriously, anyone who is even contemplating about entering any market as an expert in their field, has to complete your four day program! It really does matter.  The leveraged value,
payback, and long-term positive ramifications of attending and completing Immersion are incalculable.

Dan Floros, Dan Floros International

Really entertaining, interesting and inspirational. Had the whole audience intently listening. Great message.

Jenny Cartwright, Jenny Cartwright Promotions


Thank you for transporting us to a space of elegance and simplicity and giving us tools to make it happen for us.  Deep value!

Libby Sander

Very inspiring + thought provoking. I'm pleased I attracted you into my sphere of consciousness at this point in my life. Serendipity! 

Richard France

Awesome.  My brain went wild with ideas.  Just watching you present sparks profitable ideas in the first 10 minutes.  I got such insight on how to captivate an audience.  Matt, you used 6-7 techniques in the first 10 minutes!  Awesome!  The universal principle stuff was good too.

Michael Licenblat, Bounce Back Fast