Matt’s presentation on thought leadership is the ideal catalyst for change. If you want to harness the intelligence within your organisation, this keynote will help the best and brightest shine even brighter. It will help to identify and release potential and also activate greater activity and innovation.

A thought leader is a leading authority in their field of expertise. They have access to a wealth of specialised knowledge which makes them uniquely valuable. They have collected information from varied and comprehensive sources and – most importantly – have packaged it so it can be effectively taught to others.

Whether they know it or not, organisations are driven by the opportunities created and discovered by the thought leaders within, and it’s important to realise that these abilities can be nurtured and developed.

There’s no rule book, no map for what it takes to be a thought leader. Matt Church, though, has come close, giving you a head start on what works.
— Seth Godin, New York Times best-selling author of Linchpin


As the founder of Thought Leaders Global, Matt Church is arguably the world’s leading authority on the subject of thought leadership. He has spent more than twenty years working with thought leaders in almost every field of human endeavour, developing strategies and frameworks to unlock the potential of clever people all over the world.

This keynote session with Matt can have a dramatic impact on the effectiveness of your teams and leaders. It can be the catalyst that helps your people discover knowledge and innovative ideas they didn’t realise they had within them.


The Thought Leaders presentation will:

  • Develop, retain and attract top performers
  • Leverage expertise to gain market share and drive revenue
  • Foster innovation from within the business
  • Break down silos and increase knowledge sharing
  • Raise the profile of your business authentically