Thought Leaders

Your ability to capture, package and deliver ideas for greater commercial success is key to achieving competitive advantage in business today. This applies to individuals, businesses and large scale organisations.

Discover how developing Thought Leadership could help you commercially.


Consultant/Advisor Focused Solutions

1. Black Belt Practice (online learning program)

After almost 12 years teaching the Million Dollar Expert program and mentoring people through the Sell Your Thoughts Methododlogy, we have captured Matt's landmark program in digital form and make it available now to any one, anywhere willing to learn in a self paced 90 day Thought Leadership program for infopreneurs. This program help experts capture, package and deliver what they know in a way that is highly valued in the market place. Go from knowing something to being known for knowing something.

Key Benefit: Learn at your own pace the world's most effective practice development program around.

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2. Thought Leaders Business School (12-Month Practice Implementation program)

Once you know what to do, the trick is getting on with it. The Thought Leaders Business School is just that the perfect companion to your Thought Leader ambitions. A mix of inspiration, a dose of accountability and a whole lot of fun laucnhing new ideas into the world and getting rewarded. This is the culmination of nearly 20 years experience helping some of the worlds leading non celebrity experts make a difference, build a life and get paid well for it.

Key Benefit: Accountability and implementation focus that increase your chances of success enormously.


Enterprise Focused Solutions

1. Mentoring Thought Leaders in your business (Private 1 on 1)

Often the easiest thing a company can do to activate Thought Leadership in their business is to pick one or two key staff and start their Thought Leadership journey immediately. This is best done 1 on 1 in a private setting. Diary scheduling becomes easier as the Mentor from our business and the Thought Leader from yours work just in time, just on the things they need to and as a result are able to deploy effective and rapid thought leadership initiatives into your business and market place. 

Key Benefit: Rapid deployment of Thought Leadership initiatives.


2. Developing a team of Thought Leaders (Small group 10-20 people)

When you want to make Thought Leadership a key part of your business strategy, then it’s time to get serious and enterprise it in a significant way. We selected 10-20 key subject matter experts in your business, normally a level down from the C suite and help them capture, package and deliver what they know in a way that advances their careers and at the same time drives organisational growth, market position and competitive advantage. To enterprise thought leadership we need a year with maybe 12 days of face to face and a commitment to achieving key milestones along the way. Each participant will publish a book and develop a speaking package that can be delivered at client events, internal conferences and market facing gatherings. An ETL finishes with a graduation event where the books are shared and the speeches delivered  a TED like conference.

Key Benefit: The identification and development of Thought Leadership within the organisation and a structured, accountable framework for making it a real thing in the business that driver sales and employee engagement.


3.  Full business-wide transformation into a Thought Leading Enterprise (Whole business, 1000-day program)

Not for the feint of heart, this business wide, full sweep is designed as THE key strategic agenda for your organisation. This is the for the organisation that needs to undertake a complete overhaul or upgrade. It’s by application and not taken lightly. In short it’s about driving work worth doing, leaders worth following and ultimately creating a high performance culture worth belonging to.

Key Benefit: Complete business transformation.


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