Matt Church has long been passionate about helping experts deepen their thinking, broaden their reach, and increase their impact.

The Thought Leaders logo shows waves rippling out from the centre, a metaphor for the impact thought leadership can make. A single clever person can have an enormous effect on the world around them; their ideas spreading outward and improving organisations, businesses, communities and lives.

For over twenty years, Matt has run his own thought leadership practice, spreading his message of amplified leadership to businesses and individuals as a speaker, author, and mentor. Along the way, he has developed a series of tools and frameworks to help others enhance their own thought leadership practices.

Every day I am reminded of how Thought Leaders Business School is the single best investment I have ever made and that the Thought Leaders community is changing my life. Thank you!
— Jeff Schwisow

He created an incredible process for developing unique and groundbreaking intellectual property which works in almost any field of human endeavour, and identified the six key delivery modes a thought leader must exploit to maximise the commercial value of that IP.

He’s helped people create commercially successful thought leadership practices in fields as diverse as leadership, motivation, innovation, sales, management, marketing, engagement, culture, productivity, women’s development, charity creation, implementation, risk, real estate, insurance, stockbroking, accounting, pharmacy, family planning, personal development… truly, the list goes on.

I made more in the first three weeks of March than I had the full year prior. This is the most phenomenal journey. I cannot rave more highly about this program and the community I am now a part of.
— Rachel Bourke

 Download the Capture, Package, Deliver whitepaper

Download the Capture, Package, Deliver whitepaper

If you’ve got an idea you need to share with the world, if you need help to make the difference you were born to make, Matt and the Thought Leaders Business School team can dramatically expand your capacity to make an impact. 

Learn more about the school—and the tribe of incredible people within it—on the Thought Leaders Business School website.