Add one of these sessions to extend the impact of having Matt speak at your conference

These presentations can also be delivered as main platform sessions where appropriate.


Powerful Positioning

How to stand out in a competitive landscape

It’s crowded out there and your ability to be remarkable and memorable is a key competitive advantage. Learn how to position yourself and what you do to get the results you want.

Beyond Trust

How to be more than a trusted advisor

Giving advice is easy, building a business around that relationship is an art. Learn how to generate greater commercial success by developing expertise.

Mega Productivity

Productivity strategies of high achievers

We each get the same 1440 minutes in a day and yet some seem to achieve far more with their time than others. Learn the habits of high achievers; from systems and work flows through to energy and focus management.

Grow your practice

Business building strategies for thought leaders

If you have a business based around you and your expertise, then these nine business building strategies will save you time and make you money. Maximise your impact in the market by following this proven approach.

Conviction Selling

Creating influence in commercial conversations

The evolution of sales focus from transaction to expertise has seen a shift to a more sophisticated and diagnostic approach. It’s time to step up a level and transition from convincing people to do business with you, to standing in conviction around who should do business with you, and why.


How to have it all by knowing what you want

If life is a game then focus on your winning strategy. You can have everything you want just not all at once. Learn how to harness the power of focus and sequence to achieve great things at work and at home.

Managing Talent

How to help the best get better

High achievers are rare, but finding those who can consistently repeat their success is even rarer. Learn how to sustain the talent of your best and brightest by tapping into their unique drivers for high performance.

Herding Genius

Helping high performers collaborate

Eagles don’t flock. There are unique challenges that present themselves when working with the best and brightest. Learn the formula of great leadership that brings out the best in your best people.

Level Up

Developing a mindset and culture of ambition

Not every person or team is ready, willing, or able to make the most of what they have. A decision to ‘level up’ needs to be made and while it’s not a decision everyone makes naturally, it is one that can be coached. Learn how to have next level performance conversations respectfully with team members.

Pirates of innovation

Making commercial innovation work

The three innovation choices you have in business are process improvement, inventing new solutions and adopting other’s ideas. The first is unlikely to drive growth and the second is hard to do without a huge R&D budget. Learn how to repurpose great ideas into your business for quick innovation wins.

Meme Pool

How to capture and share great ideas

You’ve heard the saying “people only use ten percent of their brain capacity”. Discover the surprising power of your mind by learning how to think. Learn how to unpack the ideas in your head with clarity and insight, and share them with others in a way that inspires action.


Every time you speak in public you are auditioning for a leadership position

Whether delivering a presentation or speaking to inspire and motivate, be clear about your purpose and powerful in your delivery.

Leading Culture

The levers for developing a high performance culture

It’s been said that culture trumps strategy every time. Learn how to build a culture that brings out the best in people both personally and professionally.

Brand you

How to work as if you own the business

Business is personal and today more than ever the modern knowledge worker needs to take charge of their career and manage their brand as if they were a business unto themselves. A highly practical session that helps you stand out by being yourself.

Beyond social

The game plan for growth through social media

Leveraging social media in business is more about strategy than it is about tactics. Learn how to optimise the platforms available to maximise the positive impact on your business.